Breast Lift

A breast lift is also known as mastopexy and it allows female patients to elevate their sagging breasts. This is a particularly popular choice among women whose breasts have started to droop due to aging or pregnancy. One of the main goals of a breast lift is to give the breasts a more youthful appearance by lifting and returning them to a higher and more flattering position on the chest. There are a number of breast lift techniques available to patients and they include a standard lift, lollipop lift, doughnut mastopexy, laser bra lift and breast lift with implants.

Women who have lost some volume and elasticity in their breasts can benefit from a breast lift. Mastopexy can be performed on any breast size but the surgery best benefits women with smaller breasts. Overall, breast lift candidates should be over the age of 18 and have drooping breasts. They should also be in general good health and not currently breastfeeding or pregnant. It is recommended that patients wait until they are done having children before getting a breast lift to preserve the results. Also, drastic weight gain or weight loss can cause the skin to stretch or lose volume which may affect results.

The cost of a breast lift is in the price range of $7500-$15,000. This number does not include any facility fees or anesthesia costs. There are also a number of other factors that influence the final cost including the length and complexity of the surgery, where the surgery is performed in the country and any fees charged by the doctor. Some patients combine a breast lift with other procedures such as a butt lift or a tummy tuck. Adding on these additional treatments increases the overall cost.

A breast lift gives patients firmer and perkier breasts by placing them higher than their original position before the surgery. A breast lift can leave some scars but most surgeons try and minimize the scarring by placing any incisions in the natural folds of the breast. The patient will see some immediate improvements but the final results will not be visible for several months until the swelling goes down and the breasts adjust to their new shape and position. Overall, the final results can last for decades but the length of the results differs for each individual patient as time and gravity can cause results to vary.

Laser Bra

Laser Bra

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Laser Bra is a cosmetic surgery performed to lift the breast into a better position by using laser energy, instead of a surgical tool, and creating an internal brassiere that will support the breasts. A Laser Bra can improve the look of saggy breasts usually caused by aging, weight fluctuations...