Celebrity Plastic Surgery Panic in Hollywood!

Posted July 22, 2015

If there’s one profession in the world where a person always has to look their best, it’s being a celebrity.  Thanks to shows like “E,” “Extra,” “Access Hollywood” and “Fashion Police,” celebrities are constantly in the public eye.  Every outfit they wear, as well as their overall appearance, is constantly judged by the general public.  The need to look their best at all times has led many a celebrity to get plastic surgery.  There are many celebrities who can afford to hire the best plastic surgeons in the world.  If that is the case then why do so many of them end up having plastic surgery that looks so obvious as well as just plain bad looking????

One of the first reasons celebrities choose the plastic surgery route is the amount of pressure on them.  The pressure to be seen as young in Hollywood is great (especially for females).  Celebrities build their careers based on their appearance.  The need to look as close to perfect as they possibly can is very important to their personal brands.  How they view themselves in photos, on TV and on movie screens can lead them to seek out plastic surgery in order to fix any self-perceived flaws.  In many ways, Hollywood is the most image conscious place on the entire planet.  The pressure to maintain a young image is a daily routine for celebrities.

One thing celebrities have in common with the general public?  The belief that the more expensive the plastic surgery is, the better the final results will be.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  The list of celebrities who have undergone the knife only to emerge with results that look unnatural is too long to mention in this article.  In fact, there are some celebrities who emerge from their plastic surgery procedure looking so unrecognizable that they might as well be a completely different person.  Some of the celebrities who are well known for having suffered less than stellar plastic surgery include Meg Ryan, Tara Reid, Mickey Rourke, Nicole Kidman, Michael Jackson, Melanie Griffith, Courtney Cox and Lindsay Lohan.

Another reason celebrities have bad plastic surgery results is the fact that some of them don’t know when to stop having procedures.  Looking at some of the names from the list above confirms this fact. Tara Reid’s liposuction left her with a body full of grooves and dimples on the skin.  Meg Ryan’s puffy lips now resemble a trout and not her natural lips.  Michael Jackson’s procedure on his nose is universally considered one of the worst procedures of all time.  All three of these celebrities took their procedures a little too far and their looks paid a permanent price.

It’s important to remember that celebrities are just like regular people.  They are not immune to making bad decisions.  The phrase “let the buyer beware” also applies to the rich and famous.  Celebrities don’t gain amazing insights and wisdom thanks to their status as stars.  They have to do the same amount of homework and research as the public when it comes to finding an experienced and skilled doctor.  Sometimes they don’t do the proper research and find an inexperienced and less skilled doctor.  They might also find a doctor more interested in the status of being a “celebrity doctor” than doing an excellent procedure for their famous patients.

Many celebrities feel they need to have all of their work done at one time.  There are many celebrities suspected of having a plastic surgery procedure (or two) that look younger than ever before.  Stars such as Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock have not admitted to having any plastic surgery yet there is “something” different about their looks that can’t be identified.  One of the reasons might be they had work done in small increments over a period of time.  They had small procedures performed on a more frequent basis.  These changes were so small and subtle that they were not noticed by the public as much as a total face lift or other highly invasive procedure.

The need to look young is felt by celebrities of all ages in Hollywood.  When a good plastic surgery procedure is performed, it is barely noticed and rarely reported on entertainment news programs.  When a bad celebrity plastic surgery procedure happens, it is discussed and debated on television and on Internet gossip sites.  As long as bad celebrity plastic surgery continues to happen, there will be an audience waiting to view and judge both the celebrity and the results.

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