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EMSCULPT is a new FDA-approved treatment for use on the abdomen and butt that works to contour the body. The device reduces fat and builds muscle simultaneously so patients can achieve the desired toned results.  EMSCULPT produces a magnetic energy that creates a series of muscle contractions during the treatment in order to stimulate the muscles. The results are a building of new muscle mass for increased definition and tone as well as enhanced fat metabolism to destroy fat cells.  EMSCULPT is a non-invasive treatment. The results are not permanent so patients will need to have additional treatments or adopt a workout habit that sufficiently supports that new muscle growth to maintain the results.

Am I a Good Candidate for EMSCULPT?

In general, individuals that are GOOD CANDIDATES for EMSCULPT include:

  • Patients in good physical shape
  • People who wish to define their abs or buttocks
  • The very best candidates have a BMI of less than 25, those with a BMI over 30 are better suited to other treatments
  • Patients looking to improve the separation of the abdominal muscles after pregnancy, called diastasis recti
  • Do not have a pacemaker, metal IUD, or other metal implant that would conduct electromagnetic energy

Patients that are NOT GOOD CANDIDATES include:

  • Patients with significant extra fat (and would be better-suited to fat reduction first)
  • Females who are pregnant or nursing

How is EMSCULPT Performed?

EMSCULPT uses HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to eliminate unwanted fat and build muscle. The device contracts the muscles beyond what is possible using only physical training to improve the muscle tone and enhance the fat metabolism. A 30-minute treatment is equivalent to performing 20,000 crunches or squats which means EMSCULPT melts fat and builds muscle at the same time for an improved physique.

As mentioned above, a treatment session takes about 30 minutes to complete. There is no preparation patients need to perform before having the treatment. The electromagnetic energy is focused on the targeted area and common areas that are treated include the abdomen and buttocks. Patients should see results after the first treatment but it generally takes four or more treatments to achieve the desired results.

Combined with Additional Treatments

When it comes to combining EMSCULPT with additional treatments, CoolSculpting or SculpSure are ideal for removing excess fat, while Exilis Ultra offer impressive skin tightening (which many new moms or weightloss success stories will want).

What is the Cost of EMSCULPT?

The cost of EMSCULPT depends on the geographic area of the procedure, the number of treatments needed and any fees charged by the doctor or the facility. However, the price typically ranges from $3500-$4500 for four treatment sessions.  

Recovery and Downtime

There is no DOWNTIME following the treatment so patients can return to their daily routine, including rigorous workouts, if desired.

In terms of RECOVERY, patients may feel soreness similar to a strenuous workout for a few days after the treatment. Individuals who exercise more frequently may be less sore than those who do not. Because EMSCULPT is completely nonsurgical, no medications or bandages are required during the recovery process.


Most patients can see visible results within 2-4 weeks after their final treatment session. The results will only improve as time passes.

Results from EMSCULPT are not permanent but they can be maintained with physical activity or additional treatments.  It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle following an EMSCULPT treatment to maintain the results. If weight is gained following the treatment, fat will accumulate and patients may experience disproportionate fat in areas untreated by the procedure.

Limitations of EMSCULPT

The main limitation of EMSCULPT is the fact that the results are not permanent. Patients will need to have additional treatments to maintain their results.


There are no risks involved with having EMSCULPT. While some soreness may be felt following the procedure, patients are not required to take any time off work or other activities.

Effectively Tone Your Body with EMSCULPT

EMSCULPT is an effective treatment for building muscle and increasing the metabolism to improve the process of fat burning. Individuals who are in good shape, but are not seeing the results they desire in the gym, should schedule an appointment with a board-certified doctor about having the treatment. The doctor can perform a thorough examination and determine if the person is an ideal candidate for EMSCULPT.