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DualSculpting is just a clever name for two CoolSculpting machines being used at the same time. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure which uses a machine to freeze fats which, in turn, are killed in the process. It is best used on patients who have small pockets of fat on the abdomen, thighs or arms. During CoolSculpting, the fat is frozen without harming the skin. Over the course of an hour, the temperature of the fat drops to a point where the fat cells turn themselves off and die as a result. The dead cells are gobbled up by white blood cells and eventually eliminated from the body via the liver and kidneys. The purpose of using two machines at the same time is to cut down on the treatment time. Two areas will be treated simultaneously so the treatment time will be reduced by half.

Am I a Good Candidate for DualSculpting?

Patients who are GOOD CANDIDATES for DualSculpting include:

  • Any patient who has a problem with excess fat or wants to target localized areas of fat
  • Patients with bilateral problem areas which means treatment is needed on both sides of the body
  • Patients whose problem are is the abdominal area
  • People with good skin tone and elasticity
  • Patients who have small pockets of fat
  • People that don’t want to undergo surgery and can’t afford any downtime due to their busy lifestyle.

Those who are NOT GOOD CANDIDATES are:

  • Patients that want to target areas of fat that are widespread
  • Those who are obese
  • A person with a large of amount of scars in the treatment area
  • Someone that does not have good skin tone or skin that is very elastic

How is DualSculpting Performed?

DualSculpting is performed using two CoolSculpting machines, at the same time, to freeze fat tissue. The devices are applied to the skin in order to perform the fat removal.

Two rolls of fat are placed between two cooling panels. The CoolSculpting device then creates a suctioning movement that serves to remove the fat once the fat cells are damaged by the freezing sensation. The coldness created by the dual machines damages fat cells to the point they can be suctioned out. The coldness also causes some of the fat cells to die. The body will then absorb the dead fat cells and eventually release them via the kidneys and liver.

As mentioned above, the procedure takes about an hour using one machine but that time is cut in half with DualSculpting. It is a non-invasive procedure where the cold temperature serves to numb the skin rather than injecting a numbing agent. DualSculpting may produce some discomfort, due to the suctioning sensation, but there is very little pain. 

Compared to Liposuction

Fat freezing doesn’t involve any form of surgery so there are no injections, incisions or post-operative problems. However, liposuction is better at removing stubborn pockets of fat. If the patient is unhappy with the results of DualSculpting, he or she can always opt for liposuction.

Both procedures aim to remove excess fat but they are different in the sense that DualSculpting is non-surgical while liposuction is surgical. Another thing is not all patients are good candidates for DualSculpting. Those who have lots of excess fat are better off having liposuction. DualSculpting can be done in this case but multiple sessions will be needed. If there are many spots that require treatment, liposuction is the more practical option.

Cellulite Treatment

Some patients see CoolSculpting as a solution to cellulite problems but that is not the case. With cellulite, it’s not just about the excess fat. It is also about problems of excess skin and the fibers underneath it. It is the fibers that rise up through pockets of fat and attach to the undersurface of the skin. With CoolSculpting, only fat is removed. The fibers are left untouched so that is why there is still dimpling associated with cellulite even after the treatment.

What is the Cost of DualSculpting?

The average price of CoolSculpting is $1500-$4500 and that is the cost of one machine being used. The total price of DualSculpting depends on if the doctor charges for the use of both machines or if there is no additional cost. The cost also depends on the size of the treatment area, fees charged by the doctor or the facility and the area of the country where the procedure is performed.

Recovery and Downtime

With DualSculpting, there is virtually no RECOVERY and DOWNTIME since the treatment doesn’t involve anesthesia or incisions. In fact, patients don’t have to wear a post-op garment like the one normally required after liposuction. Patients can do whatever activities they want. They can go back to their daily lives without any problems.   


The fat cells die during the course of 3 to 5 days before they get reabsorbed by the body over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Results will be noticeable in as early as two weeks.  Typically, there is a 25% reduction in fat in the area that is treated. The full effect/results can be observed after two months.

The skin tightens on its own. The improvements brought about by DualSculpting are quite permanent. If the patient is pleased with the results after one treatment, and wants another 25% reduction in fat, he or she can undergo treatment as many times as they would like.

As mentioned before, CoolSculpting creates a permanent fat reduction. People are born with a certain number of fat cells and they can no longer multiply after the age of 14. When the fat cells are removed by injuring them with the cold, the body clears them naturally. Fat cells that have been removed, or have died, are not coming back.

Limitations of DualSculpting

The main limitation of DualSculpting is the amount of fat it can treat and the results it can provide. The treatment gives the best results on targeted areas of fat. It is not as effective when treating wider areas of fat. This limitation also means it will not provide the same results as liposuction.

Risks of DualSculpting

Some common risks of DualSculpting include:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Swelling
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Itching
  • A pulling or tugging sensation during the treatment  

Important to Have Realistic Expectations

DualSculpting is a great non-surgical technique for fat removal but it does have limitations. Patients need to have realistic expectations before undergoing the procedure. It will not get rid of all excess fats but it does perform well when removing the thickness of fat under the skin. For most patients, this is already a significant improvement. If a patient wants more dramatic results, liposuction might be the smarter and more practical choice. 

Written by Cosmetic Town Editorial Team - MA

Based on an exclusive interview by Dr. Johnathan Kaplan in San Francisco, CA