Dysport is an injection for temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. Dysport begins with the cleaning of the treatment area with an alcohol wipe to prevent infection. A local anesthetic like lidocaine will then be used to numb the treatment area. One injection is administered into five sites that run above and between the eyebrows. The injections relax muscles under the skin which makes the area smoother. It also prevents the deepening of wrinkles by limiting facial muscle movements.

Ideal candidates are healthy individuals under the age of 65 that have mild to moderate wrinkling of the forehead. A good candidate shouldn't be allergic to any of the ingredients found in Dysport or allergic to cow's milk protein. Patients that have experienced an allergic reaction to any other botulinum toxin product, have a skin infection at the planned injection site or are over the age of 65 are also not good candidates.

The cost depends on a variety of factors including hospital or surgical facility fees, anesthesia fees, any necessary medical tests, the surgeon's level of expertise, the geographic location of the procedure and if any other procedures are performed at the same time. In general, the cost ranges from $300-$500.

Dysport reduces the wrinkling of the forehead. There is little or no down time required. Temporary side effects such as tenderness or soreness in the injection area, slight bruising and/or headaches can occur. For three to four hours after the procedure, patients should not touch or rub the treated area. The patient should also avoid lying down. Intense cardiovascular exercise should be avoided for several days so the Dysport can be fully absorbed. The results are evident within three days and will last a period of four to six months.



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