Calf Implant

Calf implants, made of FDA-approved solid silicone, enhance the proportion and definition of the lower legs as well as correct muscle imbalance caused by physical defects. Patients lie on their stomach as the surgeon makes an incision in the natural crease located behind each knee. A pocket is created between the muscle and the fascia (tissue that covers the muscle) for the implant to be placed below the muscle (submuscular) or above the muscle (subfascial). The implants can also be placed on the medial (upper inside) or lateral (outside) of the leg for a larger appearance.

Ideal candidates for calf implants include patients that want muscles that look more developed and/or have calves that are not shapely in appearance. People that want to enhance the look of the calves without having to exercise, someone born with a birth defect or a person with an injury that caused one leg muscle to be smaller than  the other are also good candidates. In addition, patients that suffer from club foot (an abnormality where the foot is twisted) or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (loss of calf muscle) can get implants for better contour and muscle bulk.

The cost of calf implants is in the range of $4000-$7500. The cost depends on the amount of work that needs to be performed, the area of country where the surgery is performed and any fees charged by the doctor or the facility. If the surgery is being performed for reconstructive issues due to a birth defect, health insurance may cover part of the cost.

Patients will need to spend a few days in bed with their legs elevated above the heart to reduce swelling. They are then encouraged to walk short distances. A compression bandage will be worn for swelling. Once the swelling and bruising goes down, the results of calf implants are permanent. Scar tissue can take up to a year to heal. However, the results can change as a patient gains weight or as they age. The skin can become lax and not hold the form around the muscle as tightly. This can cause the implanted to become less defined.

Calf Implants

Calf Implants

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Calf implants are used to improve the look of the legs, as well as the entire body, by adding proportion and definition to the lower legs. Also known as calf augmentation, calf implants can be considered a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Implants can add fullness and definition to enhance...