The Latest Trend in Hollywood is Thighlighting

Posted November 23, 2017
The latest trend in plastic surgery is thighlightening

Celebrity watchers are now looking at the legs of some of their favorite stars for inspiration when wanting to change their appearance.

"Thighlighting" is the name of a number of plastic surgery procedures combined together for a full leg makeover. The procedures include thigh lifts, calf implants, a contouring of the outer and inner thighs and liposuction.

Dr. Gabriel Chiu, of Beverly Hills recently told The Hollywood Reporter that “Thighs are always an area of concern for women. Also, thighs are an area that makes a dramatic difference in the overall body. When contoured right to elongate the legs, they can help create a better proportion, thus the entire physique looks leaner and longer.”

Dr. Chiu explained that he uses custom cannulas for liposuction on each side of the thigh in order to remove fat that settles as well as adipose tissue that can causes bulges or misshapen areas. The result is a size, shape and contour that matches the rest of the body.

Why are women turning to “thighlighting” to make a change in their appearance? According to Dr. David Amron, of the Roxbury Institute, many women are in good shape but they just do not have an ideal proportion or shape to their thighs. Dr. Amron considers his technique to be a work of “body blending” that adjusts irregularities and improves the overall contour of the thighs.

Some of the celebrities that doctors see as “thighlighting” inspiration include Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss and Bella Hadid. These same doctors also credit the increase in personal fitness over the last few years as another reason people are looking to improve the appearance of their thighs.



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