Yoga Fans Seek Out Designer Vaginas to Look Better in Leggings

Posted October 20, 2017
Vaginoplasty is becoming popular for yoga fans

The continuing popularity of yoga in England has also continued to boost the demand for a procedure designed to help women feel their best in their “private region”. The name of the procedure is vaginoplasty AKA “a designer vagina”.

Dr. Paul Banwell, a plastic surgeon in London, says that Britain’s recent fitness boom has continued the trend of women wanting vaginoplasty. The surgery takes about an hour and reinvigorates the vagina while also bolstering sexual function.

Even though most women don’t need the surgery, the demand for “designer vaginas” has steadily risen in the UK since the late ’90s. Banwell says the personal appearance of women in their fitness classes is a big reason behind the trend as women aim to look their best in leggings among their fellow students. This is in contrast to the idea that the porn industry in England was fueling the desire to have the surgery.

Banwell recently told a newspaper, “A few years ago, everyone was talking about the so-called impact of the porn industry. Personally, I’d say I don’t see that in my patients. They are concerned about functional things. The boom in physical exercise in the past 10 years has driven it.”

Banwell went on to say that the influence of porn in the decision making process is very small. He feels that the driving factors are sports, exercise, yoga and outdoor living.



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