Hidden Plastic Surgery: Discover the Procedure Many People Don’t Discuss in Public

Posted December 18, 2018
Plastic Surgery Patients Don't Discuss in Public

Plastic surgery is sometimes viewed in a negative light by those not undergoing the surgery. Because of this stigma, many patients prefer to have a treatment without openly discussing the changes they have undergone on their bodies. However, very few topics are now consider “off limits” in the age of social media. In many ways, social media dominates the way people communicate with each other. Because of this fact, it is now common to see patients openly discuss their cosmetic procedures.

Even though patients are more open about their adventures in plastic surgery, there is still one type of cosmetic surgery that is considered somewhat “taboo” to discuss in public

The cosmetic surgery that many people will still not discuss in public is vaginal surgery.

What is Vaginal Surgery?

Vaginal surgery is performed in a number of ways:

  • Vaginoplasty is a procedure that is designed to tighten a vagina that has become loose due to the aging process or vaginal childbirth. This surgery works to tighten any lax tissues or muscles located in the vaginal canal walls. In addition, excess vaginal skin can be removed so the surgeon can narrow the diameter of the vagina and create a tighter opening that is smaller in size.
  • Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery for the labia that can be performed by itself or with vaginoplasty. The surgery, which can be performed on the labia major (outer/larger vaginal lips) or the labia minor (inner/smaller vaginal lips), is done to change the shape or size of the labia in order to correct asymmetry between them or make then smaller. Small incisions are made to remove excess tissue in order to reduce the shape or size of the labia minora. The surgery can be performed to address any discomfort on the part of the patient as well as for aesthetic reasons that improve the appearance of the area.
  • Clitoral hood reduction is the removal of excess skin that is located over the clitoral area. The surgery produces a smoother and tighter clitoris and hood.
  • Hymen repair is performed to restore the virginal state of the vagina by stitching the remnants of the hymen and recreating a hymen that is intact.
  • Vaginal laser resurfacing improves the texture and skin tone of the clitoral hood and/or labia while creating a tighter and smoother area.
  • G-spot enhancement is designed to increase stimulation during intercourse. The doctor injects filler that provides volume into the area located on the front wall inside the opening of the vagina. The injection of the filler increases pressure on this area and enhances sexual stimulation.

Is Vaginal Surgery Common?

While many patients do not openly discuss vaginal surgery, this does not mean that the amount of people having the surgery is small in number.

As recently as 2016, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) said there were 138,033 labiaplasty surgeries and 55,606 vaginal rejuvenation procedures performed around the world. The number of labiaplasty surgeries was an increase of 43,023 while the vaginal rejuvenation total was an increase of 5520 over the year 2015.

According to Dr. Courtenay Poucher, Founder of Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita, OBGYN and Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery expert in Valencia, CA, the ideal candidate for labiaplasty is “a woman who feels their legs are causing physical discomfort such as rubbing or pinching in clothes, chaffing, swelling or pulling. These women might also feel that their legs are making them feel self-conscious. The age range of ideal patients is women that have completed puberty to women in their 70s.”

Vaginal Surgery Social Stigma

Even though vaginal surgery is a common occurrence around the world, there are many reasons that patients do not like to discuss having the surgery. The reasons can range from cultural and religious reasons to being afraid to discuss the treatment in a social setting.

Patients should never be afraid to discuss the idea of vaginal surgery with a board-certified surgeon. A trained and experienced professional can “walk a patient” through the options available to them when it comes to vaginal surgery. The doctor will discuss the desired results before conducting a thorough medical examination to make sure the patient is an ideal candidate for vaginal surgery. In addition, the doctor can set realistic expectations for the patient so she is not surprised or disappointed by the final results.

Vaginal surgery is commonly performed and can help rejuvenate the appearance of the vaginal area while also providing increased or improved stimulation and sensation during intercourse. Dr. Poucher says “a full recovery takes about 6 weeks. However, most women can resume their active lifestyle within 10 days.”

Vaginal surgery is commonly performed and can help rejuvenate the appearance of the vaginal area while also providing increased or improved stimulation and sensation during intercourse. Anyone interested in having the procedure should perform research in order to find a board-certified doctor in their area that is experienced in providing natural and long lasting vaginal surgery results.



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