Workplace Pressure - Why Men Feel They have to Look Youthful

Posted July 29, 2021
Men want to look youthful because of workplace pressure

In the past, it seemed like most of the discussion regarding plastic surgery procedures revolved around female patients and their desire to maintain a youthful look. There has been a change in the last decade regarding the attitude towards male cosmetic procedures. With an increasing emphasis on the importance of remaining youthful in appearance in the American workforce, more men are taking advantage of the revitalizing and refreshing benefits offered by cometic procedures.

Male Cosmetic Surgery – Reasons for Cosmetic Treatments for Their Jobs

There has been a theory for years that more attractive people tend to be more successful in the workplace in terms of making more money and also being promoted faster than other employees. This is one of the reasons that male employees want to look more youthful and feel more confident about their appearance when they go to the office. They want to feel like they are able to stay competitive in the job market.

Another reason there has been a growth in male patients is the advances in technology when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Because of the stigma in the past about cosmetic surgery being mainly for female patients, men would not have a procedure because of the sometimes “easy to spot” signs of a treatment such as visible scars or results that did not look natural when viewed by others. Thankfully, plastic surgery techniques have increased to the point that male patients have many choices when it comes to enhancing their features and augmenting their youthful look. They range from injectables that get rid of fine lines and wrinkles to surgical procedures that contour the body and turn back the clock on their appearance.

Cosmetic Procedures that Help Men Remain Youthful in the Workplace

A facelift is considered to be an effective and long-lasting method of giving a patient a rejuvenated look. The procedure treats signs of aging, such as sagging skin and wrinkles, by lifting and tightening the underlying muscles of the face. A traditional facelift addresses issues that are present in the area under the eyes along with sagging cheeks, lines that have formed around the mouth and jowls with excess fat and skin.

A forehead lift is an ideal option to remove the appearance of wrinkle lines on the forehead that can give it a saggy look. The surgeon makes a long incision across the forehead and it is located in one of the creases of the forehead or around the hairline, The skin is then lifted away from the underlying tissues so the surgeon can remove excess tissue and tighten the skin on the forehead.

Botox reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the treated area of the face. The process works by injecting Botox into a muscle that is located near a wrinkle. Neuromuscular blockers begin to limit the amount of muscle contractions that occur in the area where the injection was placed. The muscles are able to relax and the skin will start to smooth out because the body is not causing the formation of the fine lines and wrinkles (since the muscles are not continually pulling the skin anymore).

Besides wanting to have a refreshed and youthful face, many men also went to gain a better contour to the body so they can ditch their “dad bod”. Liposuction is performed to get rid of fat that is proving hard to remove through regular diet and exercise. The doctor makes an incision in the treated area and then inserts a cannula into the body in order to remove/suction out the fat deposits. Male patients, as well as any patient that wants liposuction, should know that it is not a weight loss procedure. However, the fat that is suctioned out of the body is permanently removed and will not return. Fat cells can gather in other areas of the body but not in the section treated by liposuction. Liposuction can do more than simply remove fat from the body. It can also be used to sculpt fat so the underlying muscles are able to enjoy a more distinct and noticeable appearance.

Eyelid surgery makes needed changes when it comes to a number of issues with the eyelids. This procedure, which is also known as blepharoplasty, removes bags located under the eyes, restores vision that is impacted or blocked by excess skin and fat in the eyelids and gives a rejuvenated look to the area of the eyes. Lower eyelid surgery involves the surgeon making an incision below the lower eyelashes while upper eyelid surgery finds the incision being made in the natural creases of the upper eyelids.

Male Cosmetic Procedures – How to Make a Plan

Once the male patient decides it is time to have a cosmetic procedure in order to maintain a youthful look in the workplace, a consultation appointment should be made with a board-certified doctor experienced in performing male cosmetic surgery. The doctor will discuss the desired results with the patient to determine the best procedure to achieve the youthful and contoured look the patient wants to enjoy.

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