What is Liposuction 360° and What are the Benefits?

Posted December 03, 2021
Learn about Liposuction 360°

You may have heard of Liposuction 360° (or Lipo 360°) when it comes to body contouring procedures or body reshaping surgeries. But how is this liposuction different from the other fat removal procedures offered? What is Liposuction 360°? And what part of the body does this cosmetic surgery enhance and improve?

We share everything you need to know about Liposuction 360° and all the benefits this body-contouring surgery can provide.

What is Liposuction 360°? 

Lipo 360° is a term used to describe liposuction that covers the total circumference of the body’s midsection; this includes the abdomen, flanks (love handles), and hips. Lipo 360° is not a specific device or branded by a company. It’s just a cosmetic surgery term used to describe the areas in which liposuction is being performed. The cosmetic surgeon will perform liposuction three hundred and sixty degrees around the patient. Lipo 360° removes fat from the midsection, starting at the abdomen, moving in a circumferential direction towards the lower back, and ending back at the stomach.  

What are the Benefits of Liposuction 360°? 

Traditionally, a liposuction procedure focuses on removing fat from one area of the body, leaving the body’s overall proportions unchanged. Lipo 360° addresses the entire shape and curves of the midsection rather than focusing on the total fat removed from one section. 

Another benefit with Liposuction 360°, because the procedure covers multiple areas, enables the plastic surgeon to contour the midsection with the remaining fat. This technique is called Liposculpturing, removing body fat strategically while reshaping the remaining fat deposits to form a curvier look- if that’s a desired outcome by the patient. 

Different Types of Liposuctions 

Since Lipo 360° is a description of the full degree covered by the liposuction, not a specific type of liposuction, a patient has a variety of liposuction methods to choose from. 

Here are three different liposuction procedures to consider:


Liposuction involves the plastic surgeon making small incisions around the treated areas to insert a long thin tube called the cannula to suction the fat from the body. There are three standard techniques to remove fat cells from the body. 

  • Wet Liposuction uses a mixture of local anesthetic and saline that is infiltrated into the treated areas. The saline hardens the fat deposits, while the anesthetic numbs the area, making the removal less uncomfortable for the patient. The amount of fluid injected into the patient is less than the amount of fat removed.
  • Super Wet Liposuction uses the same mixture as wet liposuction with the exception of fluid amount. The surgeon will inject an amount of fluid closer to the total amount of fat removed.
  • Tumescent Liposuction requires a more significant amount of fluid to be infiltrated into the area- typically three times the amount of fat removed. The injection of the fluid causes the area to become tumescent or swollen with fluid. This creates more space between the fat cells, making it easier to remove and less damage to the skin tissue overall.

Vaser Liposuction 

Vaser liposuction is an ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, meaning sound waves are used to loosen the fat deposits. The procedure starts as a traditional liposuction, using a tumescent solution that is infiltrated into the treatment area. The surgeon then inserts an ultrasonic probe into the area to loosen the fat cells before using the liposuction machine to remove the fat from the body. The energy and heat from the sound waves melt the fat cells while stimulating the skin cells to produce collagen and form tighter, resulting in a toned look post-surgery.


SmartLipo involves the combination of liposuction with laser technology. The SmartLipo procedure also starts with a tumescent infiltration to the targeted areas, followed by the insertion of a high-energy fiber-optic laser to loosen and melt the fat cells. And similar to the Vaser Lipo, the heat from the laser stimulates the inner layers of the skin to promote collagen production and skin-tightening formation. 

Whichever liposuction method you decide to use with the Liposuction 360° technique, we recommend consulting with a certified cosmetic surgeon to help advise you on which method would align with your desired results. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction 360°? 

Lipo 360° or any other type of liposuction procedure is not a solution for losing weight. Liposuction is a surgical procedure for a person who has isolated areas of stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. 

Here are a few more conditions that make for an ideal candidate:    

In good physical healthA non-smoker or willing to stop smoking six to eight weeks before the procedure Has maintained their ideal weight for some timeIn need of a liposuction revision 

Lipo 360° is not the ideal procedure for people: 

  • Overweight or considered obese
  • Patients with medical issues with kidneys, liver, or heart
  • Patients who have diabetes or poor blood circulation

Final Takeaway 

Liposuction 360° is the ideal solution for someone with a slight bulge of fat around the waistline and abdomen that will not disappear, even with a consistent effort in maintaining an ideal weight and healthy lifestyle. A method of liposuction that eliminates extra fat and contours the overall waistline. 

- VM


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