What Happened to Ray Liotta’s Face?

Posted March 04, 2016

61-year-old Ray Liotta has triggered a wave of plastic surgery speculations on the internet recently with people comparing his face to a ‘‘perfectly cooked lasagna.’’  When he appeared on the 2016 Screen Actors Guild awards, people really noticed his puffy face and how different he looks now compared to just a few years ago.

Ray Liotta is famous for his work in movies like “Goodfellas” (1990) and “Field of Dreams” (1989). His boyish good looks have given his movie roles a unique contrast, especially when he plays a hardened criminal with a soft face like Henry Hill in “Goodfellas.”

However, it seems that these days, his looks are anything but boyish. Looking at his most recent photos, it is easy to guess that the aging star might have dabbled with Botox. However, it is also clear that mister Liotta also had one too many facial filler injections.

And considering how common it is for entertainment professionals to get some plastic surgery work done, this speculation isn’t too far off. Fans were both shocked and horrified to see Ray Liotta and probably wondered if his puffy face will be the new norm for him.

Botox is perhaps one of the most widely used aesthetic procedures today. It uses botulinum toxins to temporarily paralyze the muscular nerve signals on the treated area which has been proven to get rid of some wrinkles and worry lines. However, one downside to this is that even in the hands of a skilled surgeon, there is a chance for asymmetry or a crooked smile to occur. This effect will last as long as the botulinum remains active in the treated area which is what could be the one causing Ray Liotta to have such a creepy looking smile.

Facial fillers are more commonly known as dermal fillers and come in temporary or permanent solutions. Hyaluronic acids are the most common type of temporary dermal filler with popular brands like Juvederm being used to effectively sculpt and “lift” the face. Temporary dermal fillers are the most popular since it offers proven, reliable results with minimal complications, unlike permanent fillers. Permanent fillers are significantly less popular, especially to experienced surgeons, because the results are often irreversible. Unlike hyaluronic acids, silicone beads would typically be used which cannot be absorbed by the body. This means that you will most likely be stuck with whatever results you get as it is nearly impossible to pick out each individual silicone bead.

Ray Liotta most likely received some sort of temporary fillers to give him such a puffy face. Chances are that within a few months, his swollen face will normalize and return to its original shape. The story would be much different if Ray received permanent fillers, or even facial implants, which are fast becoming a new staple in the facial plastic surgery business.

To the right patient, facial implants can be a great alternative to using dermal fillers. Typically, a silicone implant is placed in the chin, cheek or jaw which provides a great contouring effect while being perfectly adjustable. This allows patient to replace or remove them unlike permanent fillers. It also provides a greater area of treatment as the implant can easily cover a larger portion of the face which is also more cost effective in comparison.

Although it is an unfortunate sight, Ray Liotta’s botched plastic surgery results shows just how unreliable plastic surgery procedures really are. There is currently no means of controlling how implants, fillers or Botox will react with your body. It may take away wrinkles and leave you looking years younger or it can give you a puffy, frozen face complete with a crooked smile. 

- KT


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