Staying Young in Hollywood

Posted January 02, 2017

The price tag for women to stay young in a town known for its looks is not an inexpensive prospect. It’s been said that the amount of money needed to afford the treatments to look young and seemingly ageless in Hollywood is in the range of $150,000-$200,000 per year. This number comes from Marc Mani, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, during an interview earlier this year with The Hollywood Reporter. According to Mani, “Getting these medical procedures has become as common as dropping into the beauty salon. It's as much a part of the L.A. culture as going to the ballet in New York."

Why does it cost so much to maintain a youthful appearance in Hollywood? Here are some of the most popular procedures used by Hollywood insiders listed according to the age of the patients and how much the treatments cost in Los Angeles:

  • 20s Treatments – Many 20-somethings undergo Botox, lip fillers and cleansing facials to maintain their fresh faces. Botox twice a year is $300-$1000 annually, yearly lip fillers cost around $600-$1500 and monthly cleansing facials are $140-$160 per session.
  • 30s Maintenance – Patients in this age range are worried about eliminating crow’s feet, maintaining their facial volume and getting rid of fine lines. These tweaks are achieved by the Botox listed above for the crow’s feet, fillers to achieve facial volume once or twice a year at an annual cost of $600-$1500 and a fractional laser 2-3 times per year for the fine lines at $750 per treatment.
  • 40s Fixes – The 40s finds patients wanting tighter skin and even a full facelift. A treatment such as Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and rejuvenate the face at a cost of $2000-$4000 per session a few times each year. A full facelift reverses the aging process by lifting the muscles and getting rid of unwanted fat and excess skin at a cost of $12,000-$100,000 for the surgery.
  • 50s Fillers and Facials – Maintaining a youthful look in their 50s can involve a “remodeling facial” which uses an electric current to stimulate the muscles. This treatment can be performed once a month at a cost of $250-$400 per treatment.
  • 60s ServicesChemical peels to eliminate deep wrinkles is normally done once a year at a cost of $1200-$1500. Some women even opt for a second facelift or a mini-lift to help maintain the results from the first facelift at a cost of $10,000-$100,000.

While not everyone in Hollywood is willing to spend the amount of money listed above to maintain their youthful appearance, there are others who have regular treatments to fight the signs of aging. Hollywood is a town built on movie magic which means many people are happy to do whatever it takes to maintain the illusion of youth.




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