South Beach Butt Lift - New BBL Technique

Posted October 24, 2022
There is a new technique for BBL

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States as patients who want to gain a bigger and more contoured look to the butt have the surgery. Even with the popularity of the current method of performing a BBL, there is one surgeon who is claiming he has invented a new version of a Brazilian butt lift that is also less invasive in nature.

South Beach Butt Lift – How it Differs from a Traditional Brazilian Butt Lift

S. Alexander Earle is a plastic surgeon from Miami as well as the president of the medical industry group, the World Association of Gluteal Surgeons (WAGS). He is also the inventor of the South Beach Butt Lift, and he says the procedure rethinks the way surgeons place incisions during this butt augmentation procedure.

In general, a Brazilian butt lift starts with the harvesting of excess fat on the body through the use of liposuction. The fat can come from a few areas on the body including the waist, abdomen, and back (among others). The fat is then processed and purified so it can be injected into the buttocks of the patient in order to provide the desired size and shape to the backside.

The difference in the South Beach Butt Lift starts with the number of incisions that are made in the targeted area on the body of the patient. In a traditional BBL, there might be six incisions in the back and some of them might be quite visible if the person is wearing a smaller bikini or bathing suit. On the other hand, the South Beach Butt Lift involves the use of two incisions that are located near the area of the armpit (in order to harvest the fat). In addition, there is an incision placed in one of the lower areas located in-between the buttock cheeks so the injection of fat can be placed in this incision.

According to Earle, there will be no visible scars across the back using the South Beach Butt Lift technique. He added that, before 2019, he was not able to see underneath the skin while injecting fat during a Brazilian butt lift. Then, he started to use ultrasound imaging technology three years ago. By using this technology, he was able to see exactly where the instrument was located during the procedure. Plus, this surgical method also helps to prevent fat embolisms from entering the bloodstream of the patient.

Earle says he has used his South Beach Butt Lift method on over two thousand Brazilian butt lift patients with no issues to report. Plus, he is in the process of teaching this technique to other surgeons across the country through his work with the World Association of Gluteal Surgeons.

South Beach Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift – Who is an Ideal Patient?

When it comes to identifying an ideal patient for the procedure, the ideal candidate is a person who is not considered to be too skinny. In other words, the patient needs to have enough excess fat on the body that the surgeon can remove using liposuction. There needs to be enough excess fat that can be removed so the surgeon can work with the fat and sculpt it in the backside of the patient. The person should also have the desire to increase the size and shape of the butt because they want to make a change as opposed to deciding to have the surgery to make someone else happy with their appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Recovery Process

Once the BBL is performed, the patient should expect to see some bruising and swelling and experience some soreness on their body. The person will not be able to place direct pressure on the buttocks for several weeks and they should plan to only use a pillow with a donut shape if they must sit down. Short walks will also be necessary to help reduce the chance of any blood clots forming after the procedure.

The patient will need to wear a compression garment on the area of the body where the liposuction was performed for a week or two after the surgery. After two or three weeks, the lingering soreness and tenderness will begin to resolve but there will still be some swelling.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Choosing a Surgeon

Once a person decides to have a Brazilian butt lift, they need to perform research to find a doctor who is experienced in performing the procedure. It is important to ask to see “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the doctor to get a better idea about the type of results that can be expected after the recovery period is over. Whether the treatment is a traditional Brazilian butt lift or a South Beach Butt Lift, the patient needs to feel comfortable with the surgeon and be confident in their decision to undergo surgery to augment and enhance the appearance of the butt.

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