Rhinoplasty – The Key to Looking Younger is Under Your Nose

Posted July 08, 2020
The Key to Looking Younger is Under Your Nose

Female patients often turn to cosmetic surgery to try and turn back the clock and gain a youthful appearance. Some of the most common cosmetic procedures that are utilized include Botox, fillers and a facelift. There is one other cosmetic surgery choice that can make a big difference in the efforts of female patients to look younger and that cosmetic procedure is rhinoplasty. The news that rhinoplasty can be an effective method in making a person look years younger was recently discussed in a new study conducted by researchers at UCLA.

Rhinoplasty Study Examines how it Helps Patients Look Younger

Rhinoplasty to Make Patients YoungerRhinoplasty, AKA a nose job or cosmetic nose surgery, can make a woman look up to three years younger according to a new study, published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, which was led by a research team at UCLA. The team used a type of artificial intelligence known as “machine learning” during the study.

According to the research team, they used machine learning technology to study “before and after” photos of 100 female patients that were between the ages of 16-72. All of the female patients had undergone rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons (as opposed to functional rhinoplasty to help with breathing issues) by a UCLA surgeon and also the senior author of the paper.

Once 12 or more weeks had passed after the surgery, standardized photos were analyzed using the machine learning technology which worked to estimate the age of a person by cropping the face of a person from a photograph in order to extract a prediction through an algorithm.

According to Dr. Robert Dorfman, the lead author of the study as well as a resident physician in the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, “Rhinoplasty is widely recognized as a facial beautification procedure, but it isn’t commonly known for its anti-aging effects.”

When a surgeon performs surgical rhinoplasty, small incisions are made on the inside or outside of the nose so the doctor can make structural changes to the cartilage and bone in order to change the shape, size or look of the nose. The rhinoplasty procedures performed for the study were customized for each specific patient in order to best fit the face of the person.

Until this study was conducted, Dr. Dorfman said there had been very little scientific evidence regarding the rejuvenating effects of rhinoplasty. Dr. Dorfman said “This technology allows us to accurately estimate age in an objective way and has proven to recognize patterns and features of aging beyond what the human eye can perceive.”

Rhinoplasty Study Results

Rhinoplasty Before and After AgingIn examples provided by UCLA, software detected a woman that was 36-years-old to actually be 32 years of age. Six months after her rhinoplasty surgery, the same woman was detected as being 26-years-old. In another example, software detected a 42-year-old to actually be 36 years of age. Three months after her rhinoplasty surgery, this woman was detected as being 31 years of age.

The study results proved to be quite dramatic in women over the age of 40 as some of the women in the study group were estimated to have a look that was around seven years younger after having rhinoplasty. It should be noted that the sample size of the 40-plus group in the study was small since there were only 25 women in the sample group. The research team says they need to perform further studies in order to validate the results. Overall, the median age of the participants in the study was 32.

Rhinoplasty and Anti-Aging

When it comes to anti-aging efforts by patients, the nose is not a normal area of focus to make a person look younger even though it also ages like other features of the body.

Dr. Jason Roostaeian, senior author of the study and an associate clinical professor in the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Geffen School, said “The nose loses support as it ages and can take on a more prominent or droopy appearance.” He added that the nose is also impacted by the aging process of other features on the face. “When we lose facial fat and volume in our cheeks, which are the canvas that our nose sits on, the nose becomes more prominent.”

Dr. Roostaeian feels that refining the nose can give a more youthful look to the entire face. “This is something we have subjectively thought for many decades but now we have objective evidence through artificial intelligence to support this.”

Rhinoplasty and a Youthful Look

Patients that want to gain a more youthful look through rhinoplasty are encouraged to discuss their desired changes to the nose with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing rhinoplasty. The doctor can examine the nose of the patient to determine the best rhinoplasty technique to use as well as set realistic expectation about the final results that can be expected by the patient. The results of rhinoplasty are permanent which means they patients can enjoy a more youthful look for a long period of time so it is important that the doctor is experienced in performing rhinoplasty in order to achieve a balanced look to the facial features.



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