Get your Pre-Baby Body Back as Fast as Celebrities

Posted June 11, 2018
Get your Pre-baby body back fast

The average person that has recently given birth is often worried about how to get their pre-baby body back. The process of losing “pregnancy weight” often takes months, or even years, to accomplish.

When it comes to celebrities, they often have others helping them to get back into “fighting shape” sooner rather than later. The questions remains….How do these celebrities get their bodies back in pre-baby shape so quickly?

Designer Vagina Cosmetic Surgery

Following the birth of a baby, the vagina is often stretched and loosened to the point that women are ashamed of its appearance. Thankfully, there is way for women to get a “designer vagina”.

Labiaplasty is a reduction of the vagina that gives patients a tighter vagina. The surgery trims down the size, as well as restructures, the labia minora. Excessive labia can cause problems such as hygiene issues and irritation of the area and it can also interfere with sexual intercourse.

In addition, there is a new non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to give the vagina a fresh look. The treatment is called THERMIva and it uses a wand that emits radiofrequency energy. The wand gently heats the tissue area to encourage collagen production which provides softer and tighter tissue.

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is when an abdominoplasty, AKA a tummy tuck, and breast augmentation are performed at the same time. If desired by the patient, a mommy makeover can also include a lift or reduction as well as liposuction on the arms or legs. This combined surgery restores the volume and shape of the breasts and returns the tummy to its pre-pregnancy appearance after the skin is overly stretched. The entire treatment can usually be done through the tummy tuck incision on the lower abdomen.

A non-surgical mommy makeover includes a number of procedures that can rejuvenate the appearance of a person. The head and face can be revitalized through dermal fillers, Botox or a non-surgical skin tightening treatment like Ultherapy. If the patient wants a better contour to the body, they can have Thermage to tighten the skin or CoolSculpting to freeze excess fat before it is removed.

Fat Freezing

Patients do not have to undergo a mommy makeover to freeze and remove the fat on the body. While CoolSculpting is still very popular, there is a new technique that is gaining in popularity overseas.

The cooling energy in MiCool targets fat cells that are located in the subcutaneous fat layer. These fat cells are targeted without any damage being caused to the surrounding tissues. The creators of the treatment say that new moms can lose up to 25\\% of the fat in the area targeted for treatment. In many cases, the area that is being targeted is the abdomen in order to deal with the condition known as post-Caesarean "overhang".

Say Goodbye to the Double Chin

Celebrities are used to being photographed form a variety of angles. This includes candid photos of them going about their daily routine as well as photos at red carpet events and publicity pictures. They need to be ready to look their best at all times and this means double chins and jowls are not welcome in the photos.

Patients that want to eliminate the look of a double chin can turn to laser liposuction for help. A non-invasive laser is used to penetrate the skin while also targeting the fat cells located underneath the treatment area. The treatment targets the fat while still leaving the nerves and blood vessels free from damage. The fat cells absorb the energy from the lasers and, in turn, get rid of glycerol, water and free fatty acids. These elements of the fat cells are then expelled naturally from the body.  The laser lipo treatment gets rid of the double chin while also tightening the jawline.

Treatments for Everybody

The treatment options listed above are available to both celebrities and patients that work regular 9 to 5 jobs. Anyone that is interested in trying to get their pre-pregnancy body back as quickly as possible should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor. The doctor can perform a consultation appointment in order to examine the patient and determine the best course of action to achieve the desired results.



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