Four Steps to Help You Get Ready for a Postponed Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Posted April 08, 2020
 Four Steps to Help Prepare for Postponed Cosmetic Surgery

As the United States continues to battle the COVID-19 disease impacting the nation, most states have ordered their citizens to “shelter in place” and stay at home unless they need to go to the grocery store or a pharmacy. While these rules are put in place to protect the health and safety of the public, the need to stay at home has caused many people to cancel their previously scheduled cosmetic surgery appointments. Even if you are not able to visit your cosmetic doctor during this health crisis for cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, BBL or liposuction, there are still some steps you can take to ensure a successful healing process as well as gain your desired final results.

Four Steps to Prepare for a Postponed Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Even if the scheduled cosmetic surgery date has been postponed or cancelled, you can follow some easy steps to perform “cosmetic surgery pre-op” at home:

  1. Staying positive and healthy with exerciseExercise on a Regular Basis – Thanks to the “shelter in place” rules in the majority of states across the country; many gyms are closed to their members. The fact that a person is unable to visit the gym on a regular basis does not mean that a patient is unable to enjoy a regular exercise plan. People that live in homes with multiple floors can “power walk” the stairs for exercise as well as begin a workout routine that includes push-ups and sit-ups. In addition, there are many online exercise options available to people that want to follow along with the online video or simply watch the video once to learn how to perform their exercise of choice. If the exercise plan involves running or riding a bike, be sure and wear sunscreen to avoid sun damage to the skin.
  2. Healthy Diet – The desire to enjoy extra snacks and comfort food is hard to resist when a person has to stay at home for an extended, and unknown, period of time. One of the first steps a patient can take to prepare for a future cosmetic surgery procedure is follow a healthy diet on a regular basis. A healthy and balanced diet that includes foods that are filled with antioxidants and vitamins is essential to ensuring a healthy recovery for a person. Patients should avoid snacks and other junk food to help stay in shape.
  3. Research to Set Realistic Expectations – This step is a very important part of the preparation process for a cosmetic surgery procedure. Patients should use their extra time at home to make sure they have realistic expectations about the results they can expect from their upcoming surgery. Patients can do their own online research to learn what they can expect during the actual cosmetic procedure as well as the recovery process and the long-term results they will see once the healing and recovery process is completed.
  4. Stay Positive – A positive attitude can do wonders for a person during their daily life as well as preparing for cosmetic surgery. The mind is a powerful tool and a positive mindset can work wonders when a person is thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery. Some of the steps a person can take to remain positive include meditating in the morning or the evening, spending time on the phone with family and friends, doing video calls to see the faces of loved ones and simply scheduling some “me time” to be alone with their thoughts. A positive attitude going into a cosmetic surgery procedure can make a world of difference in how a person views the final results and how closely a person follows any post-op instructions from the surgeon.

Online Consultation Grows in Popularity

Online consultation popularity growsOne of the rules put in place during this national health emergency is the practice of social distancing. The idea of social distancing involves people staying at least six feet away from each other when they have to be in public settings. Social distancing also means not visiting the office of a doctor so an in-person consultation is not a viable option at the moment. Many doctors are now offering online consultation services in order to provide patients the answers they desire when it comes to their desired cosmetic surgery procedure.

While online consultations have been used by some doctors in the past for patients that do not live in the same city as the physician, they are now being used on a regular basis to assess if a person is an ideal patient for a certain cosmetic procedure. Besides allowing the doctor to do a virtual examination of a person, an online consultation helps to establish a rapport between the doctor and the patient so they have a level of comfort with each other once they are able to meet in person. The discussions during the online consultation allow the doctor to set realistic expectations as well as help the patient understand each step of the process including preparing for the cosmetic surgery, the performance of the procedure and what to expect during the recovery process.

In order to prepare for the online consultation, patients will often email photographs of the areas of the body they want to alter or enhance with the procedure. Patients should also be in a room with good lighting and use a high resolution camera during the consultation so the doctor is able to easily view the person.

COVID-19 Impact on Cosmetic Surgery

While the steps listed above can help you prepare for cosmetic surgery while you are at home during the pandemic, you should take the time to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on the cosmetic surgery industry. Cosmetic Town News has written an article sharing what you need to know about COVID-19 and cosmetic surgery. We invite you to take a look at the article as part of your online research about your desired cosmetic surgery procedure.



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