Non-Surgical Treatments for Double Chins- Less Downtime, More Facetime

Posted November 11, 2021
Non surgical Double Chin Treatment

You are very careful with moving your chin and neck for pictures, but a double chin can be seen with one slight move, and a profile picture would be an automatic delete. But it’s not just in pictures that your double chin bothers you. It's time for a treatment to get rid of the extra skin underneath your chin.

The challenge of surgical treatments for a double chin is the invasive procedure, and it's time to recover from the surgery. Luckily, nonsurgical treatments for a double chin have a minimal recovery time, so you can have those facetime sessions without an interruption.

We share the three most popular non-surgical treatments to address a double chin, but first, how does someone get one in the first place? 

What Causes a Double Chin? 

One of the biggest misconceptions about a double chin is that it comes from gaining weight; this is untrue. You can have a double chin and still be lean and skinny. 

A double chin has a layer of fat called submental fat, but it develops due to genetics or aging. So, you have your genes and aging to blame, not entirely based on your diet. 

Changing your diet and exercising could reduce the volume of a double chin, but it will not eliminate loose skin, or the stubborn submental fat caused by unintentional factors.  

What are the Non-Surgical Treatments for Double Chin?

There are several non-surgical treatments to combat a double chin, and each treatment is considered an in-office procedure and is non-invasive. We share details of the three most popular procedures. How each treatment is performed and what results to expect. 


Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment to address submental fat under the chin. Its name Kybella is appropriately named after the active ingredient keoxycholic acid. It's a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a natural chemical found in your body to break down and absorb fat cells. 

A board-certified plastic surgeon or practitioner will mark the areas of the neck and chin, and numb the area with a topical numbing agent, then make the injections. The specialized acid formula gradually destroys the fat cells. There is a minimum of 20 injections and as high as 50 injections, depending on the patient’s desired results and fat. There is an average of six injections per session, and each session is at least four weeks apart from the other. Kybella targets the submental fat under the chin only, and the results are permanent. 


CoolSculpting is also an FDA-approved treatment but does not involve injections. It is a body sculpting device that freezes and eliminates fat cells through a process known as cryolipolysis. The unique process cools the treated area to a temperature that freezes and kills the fat cells that are metabolized by the body. Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than skin and muscle, so only fat will be affected by the cool temperature.  

A board-certified and trained practitioner will apply a gel on top of the treated area and pull the applicator up, creating a pinching sensation. Each session takes about 30-35 minutes and typically only takes one session to activate the destruction of the fat cells under the chin. 


FaceTite is a cosmetic procedure that uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis to destroy fat cells under the skin. The method uses a device designed to emit radiofrequency waves combined with a mini liposuction needle. The radio-frequency technology melts the fat, while a small injection drains the liquefied fat. At the same time, the probe of the radiofrequency energy tones the surrounding outside layers of the skin. This treatment eliminates the fat and helps tighten the sagging skin, which is a common issue with a double chin.

A trained cosmetic surgeon will apply local anesthesia to the treated area, and then a tiny incision is made. The procedure takes about 45 minutes to complete. Patients will notice swelling due to the fluids from the anesthesia. It only takes one session to help eliminate the fat beneath the chin and tone the extra skin.

How Long Does It Take to Recover and See Results? 

The benefit of non-surgical treatments are the minimal downtime and not having to deal with post-op bandages or scars. You can have these treatments while still maintaining your lifestyle. However, the final result time can vary and sometimes be longer than a surgical option. 

Here are the recovery and final result timelines for each non-surgical treatment for a double chin. 

Kybella injections have minimal to zero recovery time. Patients may experience some swelling or numbness right after the injections. It can take up to six months to see the final results. The deoxycholic acid takes time for the body to absorb and metabolize, but in most cases, patients can start to see results after the second to a fourth session. 

CoolSculpting treatment is a minimal to zero recovery time, and most patients can perform their normal activities after the procedure. It takes about 12-18 weeks to see the final results of the submental fat disappear. 

FaceTite cosmetic procedure has an average recovery time of 2-3 days for the swelling to reside. Patients can typically resume back to their normal activities after the procedure. After the swelling goes away, you can see the difference in your chin. It takes a few more weeks for the tightening of your skin to see the final results. 

How Do I Know Which Treatment is Best for Me?

It is always best to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon or practitioner to evaluate the amount of submental fat under the chin and the condition of the surrounding skin. In some cases, you can’t just focus on the fat but also need to address the extra skin. 

A non-surgical procedure may not be the solution for some patients to smooth out a double chin completely. People with a significant amount of extra skin may need to consider a neck lift. Consult with a cosmetic surgeon to help you identify which procedure is best for you.

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