Bigger Breasts Than Before - Megan Fox Breast Augmentation Gossip

Posted October 18, 2022
Megan Fox Breast Implants gossip

The rich and famous gathered last month to celebrate the 41st birthday of Beyonce. The theme of the party was Roller Disco and two of the celebrities dressed in their best disco outfits were Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. While they were dressed appropriately for the event, it was not their outfits that caught the attention of the public. Celebrity watchers were taken by the appearance of the seemingly fuller breasts of Megan Fox. Let’s examine the gossip about her updated look to see if Megan Fox had any type of breast augmentation surgery.

Megan Fox Addresses Her Fans

After the party was over, Fox took to Instagram to address her millions of followers and to showcase her look for the party by writing, “The theme was roller disco.” While many of her fans took the time to compliment her appearance, other followers wondered whether or not Fox had made changes to her breast implants. One person wrote “They’re new” while another person said, “I’m here to report the ti****s look brand new and delicious.”

While Megan Fox has not responded to the speculation surrounding the appearance of her breasts, there have been others online discussing the updated look to her breast size. Dana Omari, a registered nutritionist, and plastic surgery commentator addressed the gossip about Megan Fox in an Instagram post. She wrote, “Around June of this year I noticed they were much larger. But the Beyonce party pics (sparkly bra top) REALLY showed off the change. This is definitely a revision.” Omari went on to show some older bikini photos of the actor while also saying, “She had small implants way back in the day. Around the time she started dating MGK [Machine Gun Kelly] I noticed a change in them. I can’t know for sure if it’s not weight gain. I think it might be? But it’s also highly possible it’s a revision.”

Breast Augmentation – How it is Performed

Did Megan Fox have Breast AugmentationThere are multiple ways that breast augmentation can be performed in order to enhance and augment the size and shape of the breasts.

Breast implants can be placed above or below the pectoral muscle of the patient and they can be made of saline or silicone. The choices for breast implants include smooth or textured implants along with the implants having a shape that is round or teardrop shaped.

The breasts can also be enlarged via fat transfer and this is when excess fat is removed from another area of the body of the patient. In this procedure, the fat is removed through the performance of liposuction. Once the fat is removed from an area of the body such as the abdomen or the butt, it is then processed and purified. After the fat has been purified, it is ready to be placed in the area of the breasts in order to provide the desired amount of augmentation.

While breast implants are mainly placed in the body to provide a greater size to the breasts, breast augmentation using fat transfer is able to balance the look of asymmetrical breasts and also provide an increased amount of volume to breasts that are smaller in size and appearance.

There are other reasons for breast augmentation besides wanting an enhanced size and shape to the breasts. Some patients also want to gain a new look to the breasts because they are not happy with the natural size of their breasts, and they want to make a change in their appearance. The fresh look of the breasts can help to increase their self-image and also give them a greater amount of confidence in their appearance. It is important for patients to have realistic expectations going into the process as the new size of the breasts should remain in proportion with the rest of the body.

Breast Augmentation and Megan Fox – Will the Public Know the Truth?

As mentioned above, Megan Fox has not responded to any of the speculation regarding the different look to her breasts. If she had any kind of breast augmentation procedure, it is not known when she had the surgery or how far along she is in the recovery process.

In general, it can take about two or three months for breasts to settle into their final position and it also takes that amount of time for the body to adjust to the new shape of the breasts. If her breasts are larger than before, they might be sitting high on the chest as the skin and tissue of the body adjust to the new breast implants or to the injection of fat into the targeted area of the breasts.

There is also the possibility that she did not have any type of procedure performed and the public is simply projecting their opinion onto her appearance. Until she decides to make any kind of public announcement about her appearance, her fans will simply be guessing about the possible celebrity plastic surgery of Megan Fox.

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