Meet the Lady Who Looks Like a Cartoon Character

Posted September 07, 2016

Many patients undergo plastic surgery so they can look like one of their favorite celebrities. While some patients are content with one surgery to make a change in their appearance, there are others who have one surgery which then leads to multiple surgeries. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Laura Boaten after her mother passed away.

Boaten, who lives in England, has spent over $18,000 in US currency on cosmetic surgery including a boob job, Botox, cosmetic tattooing, teeth whitening and lip fillers as well as nail and hair extensions. While Boaten admits she has become addicted to cosmetic surgery, she still plans on having more procedures in the next year. Her wish list of surgeries includes a boob job, a tummy tuck and more lip injections.

Laura is a mother to two daughters who are four and seven. She says that losing her mom changed her. The loss made her realize that she should do what makes her happy and plastic surgery is what makes her happy. In her own words, Boaten’s breast surgery made her “feel like a real woman again.” Cosmetic surgery became an addiction for her and she has been trying to “chase that high again.” As for the goal of which celebrity she is trying to look like after her procedures, Boaten claims she is trying to look like a sexy hybrid of Beyonce, Miss Piggy and Jessica Rabbit.

Boaten is a make-up artist from Caterham, Surrey and was always concerned with her appearance. That all changed when she gave birth to her first daughter when she was just 21-years-old. Once her first child entered the world, Laura was no longer thinking only about herself and her appearance. Her mother passed away four months later at the age of 52 and left Laura with an inheritance of $40,000. While Laura used some of the money on a down payment on a home, she also started to lose the baby weight gained during the pregnancy. However, she was unhappy with how small her breasts had become and decided to have a breast augmentation to increase their size. The surgery was also a way for her to feel comfortable in her own skin again. While Laura had her doubts that plastic surgery was the right thing to spend her inheritance money on, she ultimately decided that her mom would want her to be happy. Her breast augmentation took her from a 34C to a 34G.

Once the breast augmentation was over, she decided to make more changes to her body. Her romantic relationship had recently ended and she wanted to become more of a glamour girl. In fact, Boaten decided that she wanted to become a human cartoon. She loved the sexy pin-up looks of Miss Piggy and Jessica Rabbit as well as how fake the characters look. She also liked the glamorous look of Beyonce and her aim was to become a hybrid version of all three of them. Her quest continues and it appears she doesn’t plan on ending her mission to change her body anytime in the near future.

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