Cosmetic Town Best of Lists for 2021 - Our Easy Guide for Patients

Posted July 16, 2021
Best cosmetic surgeon lists across USA

Over the past few months, the Cosmetic Town research team has been sharing our “Best of” lists for 2021. Besides spotlighting some of the best doctors across the country for various cosmetic procedures including skin rejuvenation, butt augmentation and liposuction, we have also shared why these doctors are among the “best of the best” in their particular medical field.

Afraid you missed some of our lists? Want to be able to easily find them in one interesting and informative article? If so, take a look below as we review, recap and rundown our “2021 Best of Lists” for cosmetic surgery procedures (and the doctors that preform these treatments).

2021 Cosmetic Surgery “Best of” Lists – What Topics did They Cover?

Our 2021 list of the best doctors in the country included 17 lists covering a variety of cosmetic surgery treatments. In order, the lists included:

Cosmetic Town “Best of” Lists – How They were Created

The Cosmetic Town research team examined a number of items related to the doctors and their medical specialties. In order to accurately examine and compare the results for each doctor nominated for our lists, the Cosmetic Town research staff used the Cosmetic Town intelligent system as part of their fact-finding mission:

  • In-depth consumer research was performed by our team that was specifically focused on the field of cosmetic surgery (through the use of an intelligent algorithm). The multiple consumer research areas examined by our team included the amount of relevant training on the part of each doctor, reviews from their actual patients, the years of experience for each doctor and the proven results the doctors were able to provide to their patients in the past.
  • Our Cosmetic Town research team also performed a close look at the research efforts of the doctors by examining the amount of peer sharing efforts and research efforts performed by the doctors nominated for the lists. Each of the doctors needed to show a proven track record of peer sharing efforts. In addition, those peer sharing efforts needed to include writing medical articles that were specifically intended for publication in medical journals. By performing the act of writing and sharing these articles, the doctors were able to demonstrate their continuing professional commitment to sharing their medical knowledge and years of expertise with their medical peers in the world of cosmetic surgery.
  • The amount of education efforts, the type of education efforts performed by the doctors and the type of interactions they had with their patients on a regular basis were also examined by our research staff. There were multiple educational efforts examined by our research team and some of them included writing blogs for their websites, online educational videos, patient Q&A sections and relevant medical articles on either the website of the doctor or on websites that specialize in patient education (such as Cosmetic Town).

“Best of” Lists and how They Help Patients

Now that we have completed our “Best of” lists for 2021, it is time for patients to begin their own research efforts and find the doctor that is right for them when it comes to achieving the cosmetic results they desire. There are board-certified, experienced cosmetic surgeons performing procedures that refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of a person all over the country. It is important for patients to do their proper research when trying to find a doctor to visit for more information or to undergo the desired treatment.

Our lists are intended to serve as both an overview of the best cosmetic surgeons in the area spotlighted in the article and a reference guide for patients. They can perform their own research on the doctors that made our lists or they can simply choose a doctor and contact their office for more information or to schedule an appointment. It is important for patients to schedule a consultation appointment with their doctor of choice in order to ask questions in person and to view “before and after” photos of their actual patients. Once the patient and the doctor are in agreement about the type of results that can be achieved by the procedure of choice, the cosmetic surgery can be scheduled by the doctor.

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