Man Boobs - How they can be reduced

Posted December 09, 2019
Discover how man boobs can be reduced by surgical methods

When it comes to looking at the features on the body of a female, breasts are one of the defining features of a female. When it comes to the male body, “man boobs” can be very embarrassing for a male patient and impact the self-confidence of the male patient. Men prefer to have sculpted chests with tightly defined chest muscles that can be augmented in appearance by wearing tight shirts. While the extent of gynecomastia AKA man boobs varies per person, the most common causes are either physiological (excess fat will form in the area) or hormonal (an estrogen level that is higher than the testosterone level of the person). Thankfully, there are multiple methods to combat the development of man boobs in order to reduce or eliminate their appearance.

Types of man boobsTypes of Man Boobs

The two types of man boobs are:

  • Gynecomastia – This condition is the result of hormonal issues that cause the enlargement of breast tissue in males. When the ratio of estrogen to testosterone levels in a male patient is not in balance, a shift to female characteristics becomes more noticeable such as breast enlargement AKA man boobs.
  • Pseudogynecomastia – A condition that causes an enlargement of the chest thanks to an increase in the body fat of the patient. It should be noted that this condition can also result from a combination of an increase in body fat and issues with the glands of a patient.

Surgical Options to Eliminate Man Boobs

There are multiple options available to patients that want to have their enlarged breasts treated by a surgeon. The medical options for male breast reduction include:

  • Reduction surgery is done to remove skin that is hanging as well as remove breast tissue as well as some of the breast that is visible
  • Liposuction that targets the removal of the breast glands
  • The removal of breast glands in addition to tightening of the skin

Surgical options for man boobsThe surgeon will determine the best medical solution for the treatment of man boobs after a thorough examination of the patient. Liposuction is an ideal solution if the patient is merely suffering from excess fat in the targeted area. If the condition involves a good amount of glandular issues, the plastic surgeon will need to excise the area as glands are too firm to easily be suctioned out. The plastic surgeon will make an incision in order to open the nipple of the patient and removed a section of hardened glands. Once this step is completed, the plastic surgeon is able to perform liposuction on the excess fat that can be found in the targeted area.

If there is a rather large amount of skin that needs to be addressed, the surgeon can simply remove all of the excess skin, gland tissue and fat while also saving the nipple as a skin graft. The plastic surgeon can then re-graft the nipple onto the desired location.

Nonsurgical Treatments for Man Boobs

If patients want to treat the appearance of their man boobs without having a surgical procedure, there are multiple options available to them:

  • Exercise – Patients that want to naturally increase their testosterone levels in a natural manner can exercise using muscle-specific exercises that target the chest area. These exercises can spread tissue growth in an even manner across the chest,
  • Food Supplements – Patients that take anabolic steroids can also suffer from the development of man boobs and this is especially true of bodybuilders. The anabolic steroids can cause hormones to go out of control, including estrogen, and this can cause breast enlargement. Food supplements can counteract the effects of the anabolic steroids with natural fat-reducing ingredients. In addition, the hormone levels can be normalized. Some of the ingredients patients should look for include sclareolides and guggulsterone that help to break down body fats or balance the hormones of the patient.
  • Healthy Diet – The elimination of all fat from the diet is not an ideal option as the body still needs some healthy fats. Patients should eliminate unhealthy fats such as saturated or trans-fats. Patients should increase their intake of protein to obtain greater muscle bulk and reduce their fat intake. A healthy diet and a regular exercise program should be performed in tandem to help reduce the appearance of man boobs.

Man Boobs can do more than Physically Impact a Patient

The issue of having man boobs can impact a patient mentally as well as physically. They can suffer from issues related to self-esteem and cause a person to have decreased self-confidence. Scheduling a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor is a good first step in determining the issues that are causing the appearance of man boobs on a male patient. Once the cause of the growth of the man boobs is determined, the doctor can inform the patient about the best steps they can take to reduce or eliminate their appearance as well as show the patient the proper way to prevent them from appearing again.



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