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Posted May 17, 2022
Jawline injections to make jaw stand out

The idea of having Botox injected into the body to provide a more youthful look is nothing new and this is especially true of placing Botox in the forehead to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, there are a growing number of patients who are looking to have Botox placed in the jaw to aid the jawline in multiple ways. Take a look below to learn why “TMJ” Botox is becoming a popular choice among patients of all ages.

Botox for the Jaw – How Does it Help?

Botox of the masseter muscles (chewing muscles) is becoming a “go to” procedure for patients who have been diagnosed with TMJ which is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint. This is a joint that is located on both sides of the face, and they are located just in front of the ears. This Botox option is recommended by a dentist as a way to relieve tension along with reducing any symptoms of conditions such as clenching the jaw, grinding the teeth on a chronic basis and migraine headaches. The jaw might also have a “squareness” to it that patients want to narrow in appearance.

Botox injections in this area of the body also help to provide an increased amount of definition to the jawline of the patient. The placement of Botox works to alter the shape or angle of the jawline while also providing a sneak peak at how the jawline would look after a more permanent enhancement of the area through liposuction or jaw implants.

Masseter Muscles – Enlargement and Treatment

In general, the masseter muscles are the muscles that allow people to chew, and they are found at the right angle where the jawline hinges on either side of the skull. Biting down and then seeing or feeling the prominence in that area reveals where the muscles are located.

These muscles can become enlarged or tender and even start clicking and making other noises as the jaw moves. The enlargement of the muscles can come from acts such as clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth. In addition, there are some people who are simply born with a larger masseter muscle and the act of using/exercising the muscle can make it grow larger.

The placement of Masseter Botox is not much different from the placement of Botox in the forehead. The goal is to block the nerves from transmitting information to the muscle, so it is no longer able to squeeze. In the case of treating the jaw, the Botos is injected directly under the ear which is the area where the jaw hinges.

Patients do not need to worry about the ability of the jaw to function properly once the Botox injection is complete. The ability to chew, talk and smile will not be impacted. There are multiple muscles that work to control chewing. Instead, the Botox injection helps to decrease the amount of teeth grinding as well as possibly reducing TMJ or jaw pain. In addition, there will likely be a visible slimming of the jawline that becomes visible over a period of time. The reasons the muscle become smaller in appearance is because it is not being activated.

Jawline Botox Cost

The cost of having Botox injected into the jawline depends on the area of the country where it is performed, the amount of Botox placed in the jaw and fees charged by the doctor or the facility.

The general cost is anywhere from $600-$1000 and the results last about the same amount of time as facial Botox (which is anywhere from four to six months). In other words, patients will need to have follow-up treatments in order to maintain their results.

Jawline Botox – First Steps

The first step in getting this jawline treatment is to visit a doctor who is experienced in performing Botox treatments and this specifically includes jawline Botox. The doctor can examine the jawline to make sure Botox is an ideal option and to ensure that the patient knows the type of results they can expect to enjoy after the procedure.

There are other treatment options available, and they include the use of a mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding by stopping the teeth from rubbing against each other as much as they did in the past. Patients can also have a microneedling procedure that uses radiofrequency to tighten the jawline and the neck while also providing an improvement to the texture and tone of the skin.

Many patients have tried the non-Botox treatment options and have not experienced much success with them, so they are now turning to jawline Botox to try and gain the appearance and function they want to the jawline. It is important to discuss the procedure in advance with the doctor to make sure Botox is the best available option instead of any of the treatment options discussed in the above paragraph.

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