Learn which "Botched" Star had Plastic Surgery

Posted November 14, 2019
 Learn which Botched star had plastic surgery last year

The results of plastic surgery do not always turn out exactly as desired by a patient. In cases where the results of plastic surgery are not as expected, patients often visit another plastic surgery to try and revise or fix the results of the first plastic surgery procedure. This issue in the world of plastic surgery is the basis for a popular show on E! called “Botched”. Two plastic surgeons try (according to the description of the show from E!) to “reverse damages from the original procedure.” Each episode “follows a patient through the process of correcting failed operations, from the complex procedures to the intensive recovery process and – ultimately – the reveal of the successful transformation.” While the plastic surgeons on the show help patients reverse the results of pervious plastic surgery procedures, at least one of the stars of the show recently had plastic surgery as well. It has been reported that Dr. Paul Nassif went under the knife more than a year ago for a facelift procedure.

Dr. Paul Nassif Facelift Procedure

In an interview with Page Six, the reality TV celebrity told the website he made the decision to become a patient back in 2018. The reason behind the decision was his weight loss and the development of excess skin around his neck and jawline that occurred after the weight loss.

He told Page Six, “The excess skin, especially in my neck, was driving me crazy.”

Dr. Nassif made sure to clarify the gossip that he had the work done because of his wife. He clarified that he didn’t have any plastic surgery done to achieve a more youthful look since his second wife, Brittany Pattakos, is almost 30 years younger than him.

Dr. Nassif said the facelift “is something that I personally wanted to do for myself. It doesn’t matter if I am married to someone 105 or Brittany. I would have done it.”

Teasing Lead to Dr. Nassif’s Facelift

Dr. Nassif did admit that the constant teasing from his co-star on “Botched”, Dr. Terry Dubrow, was a contributing factor in his final decision to have a facelift.

For example, Dr. Dubrow once called Dr. Nassif a flying squirrel as he playfully grabbed the droopy jowls on Dr. Nassif.

Dubrow told Nassif to not blame his decision to have cosmetic surgery on him. In response, Nassif assured Dubrow that his making fun of the jowls had nothing to do with the final decision to have plastic surgery.

Dr. Nassif Facelift Journey

Dr. Nassif is based in Los Angeles but he flew to New York to see Dr. Andrew Jacono about his facelift. He chose Dr. Jacono because “he’s like my brother and he’s an incredible facelift surgery – extremely talented.”

The two men have known each other for 20 years and Dr. Jacono specializes in performing a deep plane facelift. This type of facelift is one that goes deeper than the traditional type of facelift. A deep plane facelift targets the midface area of a patient that is located below the soft tissue and muscular layers. The jowls, cheeks and neck tissues are lifted after incisions are placed in the hairline and around the ears. Once these areas are lifted, any excess skin located in the area with the incisions is removed and the incisions are then closed with sutures.

Dr. Jacono recommends this facelift technique because it does not tighten the surface area of the face. Jacono told Page Six this is very important for male patients because “if their face looks in any way tight, it makes the face look feminized.”

Jacono added that “Paul is a very public figure so for him to have an appearance that in any way looks tight or windswept in any way would be a disaster. The deep plane technique that I do and that I pioneered prevents that problem.”

There were no complications after the surgery and Nassif was back to work in his Los Angeles office with a few days of the procedure.

Growing Trend of Male Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Dr. Nassif is part of a growing trend of male celebrities admitting to having plastic surgery performed to enhance or refresh their appearance.

For example, both Kanye West and Ronnie from “Jersey Shore” have admitted to undergoing liposuction in the past.   

When asked about the reasons male patients want to have plastic surgery to rejuvenate their look, Dr. Jacono said “Most men these days who are successful want to put forward an energetic, youthful appearance, and a droopy-faced jawline doesn’t reflect that.”

Dr. Jacono added that he thinks male celebrities speaking out, much like Dr. Nassif, will reduce the amount of concern or stigma felt by the average person that is thinking about have some form of plastic surgery. Jacono feels that speaking out about having plastic surgery will normalize the idea to the public and this will make people more likely to have a cosmetic surgery procedure that will help them feel confident and put their “best face forward”.



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