Cosmetic Town Trend Watch: Learn about EmSculpt Procedure

Posted January 16, 2019
How to get a Tone and Sculpted Body Using EmSculpt

The desire to have a toned and sculpted body usually involves many hours at the gym working out and exercising in order to achieve the desired results. The quest for a body with great muscle definition also means that many people wish they had a shortcut that involved being able to skip some of their workouts. They also wish for a way to speed up the fat burning process in order to get rid of unwanted fat on the body.

While this might have seemed like a dream in the past, there is now a way to add more definition to the body as well as achieve the body contour desired by a patient.

Cosmetic Town TV recently took an in-depth look at this procedure that is known as EmSculpt:

What is EmSculpt?

EmSculpt is a non-invasive treatment, approved by the FDA that is used to contour areas of the body such as the buttocks and the abdomen. According to Samantha Pang, Board Certified NPc at Lasky Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, “other areas that can be treated include the triceps and thighs.”

The EmSculpt device works to build muscle and reduce fat at the same time to help patients achieve their desired results. The device produces energy that creates a series of contractions in the muscles so the targeted muscles will be stimulated. The treatment also builds new muscle mass in order to achieve increased definition and muscle tone while also enhancing the amount of fat metabolism employed by the body so a greater amount of fat is destroyed.

The device contracts the muscles in a manner that is beyond what can be achieved by a regular workout at the gym. The electromagnetic energy is focused on the targeted area and a treatment session takes about 30 minutes to complete. In general, it takes four or more treatments to achieve the results desired by the patient. Patients should be aware of the fact that EmSculpt results are not permanent so follow-up treatments will be needed to maintain the results. In addition, patients should make plans to exercise on a regular basis in order to support the new muscle growth provided by EmSculpt.

Ideal EmSculpt Candidates and Cost

There are a number of patients that are ideal candidates for EmSculpt. Samantha Pang says “ideal candidates are people in in good health and good physical shape. However, realizing that EmSculpt has been scientifically proven to reduce fat by 19\\%, as well as increase muscle mass by 16\\%, everyone can benefit from this technology.”

Annie Chiu, MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Founder and Director of the Derm Institute in Hermosa Beach California, added “Good patients include someone who is in good shape but is not concerned about excess fat. This person wants to improve the tone and strength of the muscles of the abdomen or increase the size and lift of the gluteal area. EmSculpt allows patients to achieve a level beyond what exercise and diet can provide them.”

EmSculpt is normally not covered by insurance since it is not considered to be a medically necessary treatment. Therefore, an ideal candidate also includes someone that can pay for the cost of the procedure. The cost of EmSculpt normally ranges form $3500-$4500 for a series of four treatments.

EmSculpt Recovery, Results and Risks

There is no downtime for patients that undergo EmSculpt. They might feel a bit of soreness for a few days after having the treatment. There is no need for a patient to wear any bandages or take any medication after the procedure since it is a nonsurgical treatment. Patients are not required to take any time off work after having a series of EmSculpt treatments.

The results of the treatment series are usually seen about 2-4 weeks after the final treatment. As mentioned above, the results are not permanent so patients will need to exercise on a regular basis and follow a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the results.

There are not any risks associated with undergoing EmSculpt. It is an effective treatment to improve the fat burning process and to also build muscle and tone the body. Before deciding to have a series of EmSculpt treatments, patients should schedule a consultation with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing EmSculpt, The doctor will perform a thorough examination of the patient in order to determine if the person is an ideal candidate for the treatment. In addition, the doctor will discuss the options available to the patient to see if EmSculpt is the best choice to achieve the desired results.



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