Jaw Bra – Latest Botox or Facelift Alternative?

Posted February 23, 2023
Learn what a Jaw Bra is

The growth in popularity of TikTok has provided an easy and convenient way for members of the public to learn about the latest trends in fashion along with alternatives to some of the cosmetic treatments they have undergone in the past. TikTok often seems to have the answers and solutions people need and that includes information about the “jaw bra” and the claims about how it can enhance the look of the jaw and chin.

Jaw Bra – What is It?

One of the unforgettable trends of 2022 on TikTok was the discussion about jaw bras. In general, a jaw bra was shown in videos to be an elastic compression face mask or head wrap. A jaw bra hooks over the ears and it is usually worn on the underside of the jaw and chin. If a person does not want to want to have Botox or fillers injected into the face, or the person does not want to have a facelift, there are claims that a jaw bra is able to eliminate the look of a double chin and also sculpt the appearance of the jaw by tightening the skin in that area.

In order to lean more about whether or not a jaw bra actually works, recently reached out to Dr. Dusan Sajic, MD, PhD, board-certified dermatologist and adjunct professor of clinical medicine at McMaster University, and Courtney Brown, PA-C, aesthetician and certified physician assistant at Rothaus Plastic Surgery.

According to Sajic, a jaw bra is a facial mask that is “designed to lift and tighten the skin on the jawline and neck area.” The doctor did state that some people believe wearing a jaw bra helps “improve the appearance of sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles” and they showcase their belief in the jaw bra by spotlighting their results in videos on social media. However, he did stress the results that come from a jaw bra are mainly temporary for most users and that a jaw bra should not be considered to be a “substitute for medical treatments like facelifts or Botox.”

When a person decides to try a jaw bra, there are a number of options available to them. There are some jaw bras that are made of silicone and can be applied directly to the skin of the patient. In addition, there are jaw bras made that are made of a stretchy fabric and they can be worn much like a headband. Sajic also said some people use “facial rollers or jade rollers to massage the jawline and neck area” while wearing a jaw bra in an effort to improve the look of the skin.

Jaw Bras – Why Are They Used by Patients?

In addition to trying to make an improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the jaw and chin, Sajic says a jaw bra can be used “after certain medical procedures such as facelifts or liposuction, to help support and protect the skin while it heals.” For example, the jaw bra can be worn after a facelift to help reduce swelling and hold the impacted skin in place. After liposuction, a jaw bra can be worn by the patient in order to help shape and compress the impacted skin in the treated area.

Jaw Bras – Do They Work?

Sajic did mention there is not much in the way of scientific evidence to support the idea that a jaw bra is an effective treatment option. “While some people may see temporary improvements in the appearance of their skin after using a jaw bra, these effects are likely to be short-term and will not last.”

Brown noted that, in the short-term, the jaw bra appears to “lift the skin and sculpt the jaw by promoting lymphatic damage in the area.”  Because of this, the patient enjoys a removal of “excess fluid to achieve a firmer, more contoured jawline and neck.” Brown shared this is not a permanent solution as the lymph fluid “will start to accumulate again in this area over a few hours. This leads to an immediate result without any long-term effects, and you may notice the original shape to your jawline returning later that evening.”

Jaw Bra – How Did It Come About?

While it is not clear who came up with the idea of the jaw bra, there is a possibility that the jaw bra was inspired by other facial support devices that are often used after a surgical procedure. There is also the idea that the jaw bra was developed by someone to be a less invasive and more affordable option than an invasive cosmetic surgery such as a facelift.

No matter where the idea started, it is important for patients to remember that the jaw bra is not necessarily an effective and long-term replacement for medical procedures. Patients who want to improve the look of their skin need to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to determine the current condition of their skin along with the ideal treatment option to address the specific needs of their skin.

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