What's the Point of Pointy Ears - Grimes and Elf Ears Examined?

Posted October 10, 2022
Elf ears is something Grimes wants

Patients who want to change the size or shape of their ears normally have otoplasty because their ears have bothered them for years. They often feel their ears stick out too far or have an appearance that is too prominent, and they want to make a change so their ears do not get as much attention as they have in the past. On the other hand, there are some people who want to alter the appearance of their ears in a way that will definitely get attention from the general public. One of the most prominent people that wants to make a chance to her ears is the musician, Grimes, and she wants her ears to have the appearance of elf ears.

Grimes and Elf Ears – Can She Have the Procedure?

Grimes and Elf EarsEarlier this year, Grimes tweeted the news that she wanted to have a surgical procedure that would permanently alter the top of her ears by giving them a pointy look. In other words, she wants to have ears that look like elf ears. Even after she made her desire known to the public, she might have problems finding someone to perform the procedure.

According to Grimes, she has wanted elf ears her “whole life” and her tweet could be considered a call to find “reputable elf ear modifiers” to help fulfill her request. Her followers responded by suggesting Samppa Von Cyborg perform the surgery. Grimes responded by saying, “Ok this is the best person I have found too, maybe I’ll inquire.”

However, Von Cyborg, a body-modification specialist who is based in Spain, does not seem to be a fan of the idea. Von Cyborg told a reporter, “I don’t like the idea of a celebrity getting it done, and then all the fans want ear pointing as a result.” Even though he has provided elf ears to somewhere around five hundred clients, Von Cyborg said “The [fans] might regret it and it is not reversible. It is not like getting a naval piercing, which became mainstream overnight with the release of the Aerosmith video.” (He is referring to the video for the song “Cryin’” in 1993 featuring Alicia Silverstone and a naval piercing.)

“Most of my clients are into elves and fantasy and have been wanting the ears since they were kids. If Grimes got ear-pointing from me, I would make her sign a document saying she would not tell anyone who did it for her. I don’t want it made into fashion and I want my privacy.”

Grimes and Elf Ears – Has She Had Any Luck?

While Grimes said she might inquire about the services of this famous body modification specialist, Von Cyborg says he has not heard from Grimes about the surgery.

Grimes has also mentioned that she reached out to Chia Chi Kao, a prominent Los Angeles plastic surgeon, but a receptionist said the doctor does not perform elf ear surgery.

There are also differing opinions about the idea of Grimes having elf ear surgery. Her former boyfriend, Elon Musk, responded to her tweet by saying “the downside of elf ear surgery probably outweighs the upside.” On the other hand, a woman who had the surgery in the past, novelist Holly Black, raved about the procedure that she had a few years ago. “I’m glad I did it. I’ve always liked the way elf ears look; I’m a fantasy writer and had prosthetic ones for a while. I think they look cool and elongate the cheekbones.”

Elf Ears – Who is an Ideal Candidate?

When asked about the ideal candidate for elf ear surgery, Von Cyborg feels the best candidates are those who have “Dumbo ears” which can be defined as ears that greatly stick out and/or oversized. He said, “We have a lot of clients who got bullied at school because of their Dumbo ears. Then they get the ear-pointing done, it completely changes their lives. Sometimes they see themselves [afterward] and cry. The body part that they hated the most becomes the one that they love the most.”

Van Cyborg also says that bigger ears are easier to work with when it comes to creating elf ears. “The more cartilage there is, the more I have to play with.” He is not very forthcoming when it comes to sharing details about the procedure except for acknowledging the fact that he was taught how to do the treatment by an ear, nose, and throat doctor. “Let’s just say that I use a scalpel to resculpt the ear, make it pointy and stitch everything back together. On the first night there is a little bit of throbbing, but that is it.”

Black shared her experience with recovery after the surgery. “My ears were a little sore and I had to sleep with my ear in an ear pillow. I hadn’t thought about my ears before and now I’m a little vain. I like to show them off. I pull my hair back and love looking at my ears.

Black also has no concerns about changing her opinion about her ears when she gets older. “I think it will be cool to be an old elf in a nursing home.”

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