Fox News Personality Cosmetic Surgery Scare

Posted September 15, 2017
Fox News Personality Cosmetic Surgery Scare

Janice Dean is best known as the senior meteorologist for Fox News. She is also known for a recent cosmetic surgery scare involving neck contouring that kept her off the air for a little while.

Earlier this year, Dean decided to have a laser procedure to correct an issue with lines on her neck. Dean said the “weird lines” looked “like a tree trunk” and had been there since she was young. Her doctor suggested a procedure called Fractora that tightens the skin as well as regenerates the body’s natural collagen. She was eager to have the procedure since the results would last five years and she would only be “out of commission” for about five days.

However, in her excitement to have the procedure, she signed the paperwork without bothering to read the warnings about possible complications. The procedure was performed by her doctor and Dean went home to recover.

Dean says she became aware there might be a problem when she got home and her kids asked her. “What happened mama? Why do you look like a Q-tip? Are you OK?” She removed the bandages the next day and discovered the left side of her face was swollen and she was also having trouble controlling the left side of her mouth.

At that point, Dean began to closely read the paperwork she signed before the surgery. She discovered these symptoms were listed as possible procedure side effects. She was so worried by the side effects that she asked herself, “Why was I so vain to do this to myself?”

Dean returned to work the next week but could not go on camera due to the side effects. Thankfully, the side effects eventually disappeared and she is back on camera at Fox News.

When asked what lesson she can pass along to anyone considering cosmetic surgery, Dean replied “Always read the fine print.”



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