Florida Doctor Performs "Drive-Thru" Botox Procedures

Posted June 08, 2020
See the Florida Doctor Doing "Drive-Thru" Botox Procedures

The continuing spread of COVID-19 across the country has forced many businesses to become more creative in serving their customers. Restaurants have been offering curbside pickup while small businesses of all sizes have been using social media to host live sales events through Instagram Live to sell their products and get some much needed revenue as they try and stay connected with their customers. One industry that was greatly impacted by coronavirus related shutdowns was the plastic surgery industry. Medical clinics and offices all over the United States were forced to close due to local and state regulations that were designed with the public safety in mind. One plastic surgeon in Miami kept the curbside solution in mind by offering drive-thru Botox services for residents of the city that have been quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic.

”Dr. Miami” and Drive-Thru Botox Services

Dr. Miami does drive through botoxDr. Michael Salzhauer is a plastic surgeon who is also known as “Dr. Miami” thanks to his presence on social media and reality TV. In order to better reach patients that have been following the advice of medical experts to stay inside or stay away from crowds to avoid exposure to COVID-19, Dr. Salzhauer has been running a Botox injection clinic in the garage of his home in Florida.

In an interview with Reuters, Dr. Salzhauer told the news organization that he thought of the idea while sitting in his car at a COVID-19 drive-thru testing site. He decided to take the drive-thru idea and apply it to Botox procedures for patients that have not been able to visit the office of a doctor.

According to “Dr. Miami”, “The areas that we inject Botox are the upper face, exactly the parts of the face that aren’t covered by the mask so it’s really ideal.”

Reuters reported that patients that want to visit the garage of Dr. Salzhauer for Botox services can expect to pay an average of $600 for the treatment.

Reuters also spoke to a client of the doctor that used the drive-thru Botox services. The patient said the idea of drive-thru Botox was “very creative”. The patient added. “After seeing how they’re running it I feel just as comfortable as I would in the office.”

Florida Plastic Surgery and COVID-19

As of last week, the state of Florida had reported more than 58,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus as well as over 2000 deaths related to COVID-19.

The suspension of all “non-essential elective medical procedures” was ordered in March due to the pandemic. The suspension order in Florida lasted through the rest of March and all of April. In early May, the state of Florida began to ease its coronavirus restrictions and this included the ability of medical professionals to perform cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, that are considered to be elective in nature.

In addition, hospitals were able to resume performing plastic surgery procedures. Doctors in areas such as South Florida work to ensure the safety of all of their patients by separating the patients that are in the hospital or a medical facility for plastic surgery from the patients that are being treated for COVID-19.

Hospitals and medical offices also practice additional steps to treat patients by taking the temperature of each person when they arrive for medical services, scheduling medical appointments whenever possible and providing patients with masks and other protective gear during their appointment. The steps to keep the patients safe also apply to keeping the healthcare workers as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Botox Procedure Explained

Botox is a refined form of botulinum toxin that is used to lessen the appearance of wrinkles in targeted areas of the face. Neuromuscular blockers limit the amount of muscle contractions that occur in the area being treated so the muscles can relax and permit the skin to smooth out and reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles. Ideal Botox candidates include patients with moderate to severe wrinkles on the face.

Botox uses a fine needle to inject the Botox solution in targeted areas of the forehead, the frown line behind the eyes and the crow’s feet on the sides of the eyes. The placement of the needle is determined by the size and depth of the area being treated. Multiple injections might be necessary to achieve the desired results. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and only takes a few minutes to perform.

The recovery time is little to none and the patient might experience some bruising from the injection. The patient can return to work the same day as the treatment.

The visible results will not be seen for a week or two. The final results will last anywhere from four to six months depending on the amount of Botox injected as well as the individual patient. Patients that are looking to achieve permanent facial rejuvenation results should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified surgeon to discuss surgical options such as a facelift.



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