First Lady Plastic Surgery – Rumor or Fact?

Posted July 09, 2015

Being the First Lady of the United States certainly comes with plenty of perks.  Limo rides, fancy dinners, security with you at all times and access to the top doctors and surgeons in the country.  But has the current first lady, Michelle Obama, been visiting some of the top docs for the purpose of having plastic surgery?  While no one has confirmed or denied any plastic surgery on her part, there are many who think Michelle Obama has undergone some type of procedure.

Her Views on Plastic Surgery

The views of the first lady on staying fit and healthy are well known.  One of her major platforms is the “Let’s Move” campaign which aims to reduce childhood obesity. While she is a firm believer in physical fitness, she also believes that women have the right to feel good by whatever means possible. 

In a 2014 interview with People magazine, Mrs. Obama was asked her philosophy on procedures such as plastic surgery, Botox and fillers.  Mrs. Obama response was, “Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves.  Right now, I don’t imagine that I would go that route, but I’ve also learned to never say never.” (1)

Did She Go That Route?

The first lady has been suspected of having at least two procedures since her husband has been in office.  One of the suspected procedures is a nose job.  When she first entered the public spotlight, her nose was wider and the lines on her face were not as smooth as they currently appear to be.  As shown in the photo below, her nose tip is now narrower and thinner.  Also, the bridge of her nose looks straighter than before. She appears to have had rhinoplasty to change the appearance of her nose.

What’s The Other Suspected Procedure?

As mentioned above, the lines on her face have gotten smoother with the passage of time.  This is not a feat that is easy to accomplish with only a regular workout routine and a healthy diet.  There are many people who think the first lady has lost the lines on her face thanks to Botox.

The photo above is a good illustration of this suspected procedure.  While a traditional surgical procedure is not thought of as the cause for the change in appearance, many surgeons suspect Botox in her brow area as well as in the forehead.  One of the main “tip offs” to surgeons is the overly raised eyebrows as seen in the photo above.  The appearance of the arched eyebrows is usually a result of Botox.   The disappearance of wrinkles around the eyes is another reason Mrs. Obama is suspected of having a Botox procedure.

One other theory about the changing look of the first lady is a “Liquid Facelift”.  The use of liquid fillers being injected into her facial area would eliminate the need for traditional surgery.  It also gives the patient a more natural look.  The fillers used for this type of procedure are normally Radiesse and Sculptra.

Neither Confirmed nor Denied

As expected, neither the White House nor the representatives of Mrs. Obama have ever commented on these rumors.  Also, many people feel there are a variety of factors that can explain the change in her appearance. 

These factors include:

  • Her exercise regimen
  • Her healthy eating habits
  • Good skincare
  • (Maybe) A good Dermatologist to help her maintain a youthful appearance

One other theory not involving Botox is a simple one – Brow Shaping.  The lack of crow’s feet when she smiles goes back to the “good Dermatologist” theory.  Any and all of the above factors would contribute to Mrs. Obama’s current appearance.

It’s doubtful if the public will ever know the truth about any real or imaginary plastic surgery procedures involving the first lady.  There are many state secrets being closely guarded by the White House and the Secret Service. The true answer to any cosmetic procedures that Mrs. Obama has undergone might be one of the most closely guarded secrets in all of Washington.  If President Obama knows what is good for him, the answer to whether or not she has had plastic surgery will not be revealed anytime soon.


- MA


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