Data Shows More People are Having Plastic Surgery - Find Out Why

Posted July 09, 2019
Learn why more people are deciding to have plastic surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of people having cosmetic procedures has grown in the past five years. In fact, almost a quarter million more cosmetic procedures were performed in 2018 over the previous year of 2017.

The top surgical procedures that were performed in 2018 include:

The top minimally-invasive procedures that were performed in 2018 include:

Why More People are Having Plastic Surgery

Some of the most popular reasons people decide to undergo plastic surgery include:

  • Social Media – The rise of social media has also resulted in an increased desire to look better in online photos. Thanks to the ease of taking photos and posting them online, more people are having plastic surgery to try and achieve the same appearance in real life as they have on social media. The increase of so many photos of people being shared online makes people feel like they are under constant scrutiny by others. In addition, the photos remind people about the aspects of their appearance that they don’t like so they want to have plastic surgery to make the desired change in their appearance. Dr. Sagar Patel, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, says “With the rise of Instagram, there is a proven increase in plastic surgery. People want to know how to get that appearance outside of Photoshop. They want to know what they can do to subtly enhance their face without spending the big bucks. One popular option is buccal fat pad removal because it enhances the cheekbones and contours the jawline without a drastic surgery that requires tons of recovery.”
  • Growing Acceptance of Plastic Surgery – In the past, plastic surgery was seen as something that was not really discussed in public and many patients would not admit to having any kind of work performed on their features. Because of the rise of social media, patients are now in the recovery room documenting their plastic surgery experience by sharing photos of their time in the office of the plastic surgeon. The increased acceptance of plastic surgery has made patients more comfortable in sharing their desire to make a change in their appearance. Many doctors credit millennial patients for the growing acceptance of plastic surgery as they are less likely to feel the need to make excuses for wanting to make a change in their appearance. In turn, this attitude gives older generations the inspiration they need to undergo plastic surgery.
  • Plastic Surgery is More Affordable – In the past, plastic surgery was viewed by the public as being only for the wealthy. Plastic surgery procedures were seen as being something for the rich citizens of cities such as New York and Beverly Hills. However, this perception has changed as many patients realize that plastic surgery procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, have become much more affordable. Patients are also able to finance their procedures using credit cards and personal loans as most plastic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance if they are conducted for a medical reason such as a mastectomy due to breast cancer.
  • Advances in Technology – Plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity thanks to advances in technology. The use of fillers and Botox has become more refined while laser treatments have become a much more reliable treatment option than they were 10 years ago.
  • Increased Health Benefits – When it comes to cosmetic surgery, the public normally thinks of changes in the appearance of a person as opposed to health benefits for the patient. While the changes in the appearance of a person that result from cosmetic surgery can help increase the self-esteem of a person, there are some cosmetic procedures that can help the overall health of a person. For example, Botox can help relieve migraine headaches as well as reduce the amount of excessive sweating suffered by a person on a daily basis. Breast reduction surgery can make a female patient feel better about her appearance as well as give the person relief from chronic back pain.
  • Better Self-Image – One of the main reasons cited by patients looking to have plastic surgery is the desire to feel better about their appearance. When the technological advances and health benefits are taken out of the decision making process, the majority of patients simply want to enjoy more self-confidence about their appearance and an increased self-image.

Advice for Those Looking to have Plastic Surgery

Patients that are looking to undergo plastic surgery should make sure they are having the surgery to make themselves happy and not because someone else wants to see a change in their appearance. Having a plastic surgery procedure to make someone else happy is not a good reason to have plastic surgery. In addition, patients should do proper research and make sure their doctor of choice is board-certified and experienced in performing the procedure of choice. Finally, patients should enter the plastic surgery process with reasonable expectations about the extent of the results that can be provided and the final results that can accomplished while still looking natural to others. Patients that do not have realistic expectations are often disappointed by the final results and are not happy with their new appearance.



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