What Is The Cost Of The Most Expensive Body On Earth?

Posted September 18, 2017

In her recently published book, “Doll Parts”, Amana Lepore makes the bold claim that she has the “most expensive body on Earth”.

Lepore, who was born a male in New Jersey, stated her transitioning process at the age of 15. She rose to fame in the 90s and is now sharing the procedures, and their price, that helped her achieve her current look.

  • Hairline lowering and eyebrow lifting - $2000
  • Double eyelid surgery - $9000
  • Cheekbone augmentation - $2400
  • Rhinoplasty - Free (When asked why her nose job was free, Lepore said “It healed quicker than the doctor expected and the packing gauze went down my throat.” The procedure was performed in New York for free by a doctor she met at a nightclub.)
  • Lip augmentation - $5500 (including a cost of $1500 for lip reduction)
  • Augmentation mammoplasty - $5000
  • Rib reshaping surgery - $1500 (Lepore had this procedure to make her waist look smaller)
  • Gender reassignment surgery - $10,000
  • Hormones - $550 per month

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