Cosmetic Surgery Changes Thanks to Social Media and Technology

Posted March 29, 2019
Social media and technology grew cosmetic surgery requests

The medical industry has made rapid changes and advances in technology in the last decade or two. As part of those changes, the world of cosmetic surgery has also made changes that have improved and enhanced the results enjoyed by patients of all ages and races.

In addition to the advances in technology, the way cosmetic surgery is viewed by others and the natural looking results that are expected have also changed and evolved over the years. Thanks to the advances in technology, patients are used to superior results.

Let’s take a closer look at how both medical technology and social media are making changes in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery and Social Media

One of the biggest technological changes in the past few decades has been the rise of social media. Mobile technology has freed the world from having to log onto computers to use social media. Everyone is now connected on their phones and this means social media platforms have grown in influence and use. The ease of accessing social media has also increased the pressure to look perfect at all times as people post selfies at work, during the weekends, going to school and almost any other social situation.

The use of smartphones has also made it easier for people to access information about cosmetic surgery. From how procedures are performed to finding doctor reviews to booking appointments online, the ease of finding information on the Internet has helped fuel the growth of cosmetic surgery.

The Internet, as well as the need to always look as best as possible on social media, has played a big part in making cosmetic surgery more socially acceptable to people of all ages.

Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Technology

Laser technology, as related to cosmetic surgery, has evolved over the years to improve the results available to patients. From laser hair removal to getting rid of brown spots to improving the eyesight of patients, cosmetic surgery performed using lasers provide results that are long lasting without the need to “go under the knife”. In addition, the results from laser procedures have improved to the point there is no long lasting redness or burns from having a laser technology treatment. Having a laser procedure costs less than undergoing traditional surgery to remove skin imperfections or having a cosmetic surgery facelift to rejuvenate and refresh the skin by eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, laser technology can cause collagen production to occur which can tighten the skin rather than having to pull the skin with a facelift.

Cosmetic Surgery Tissue Engineering

The use of tissue engineering has greatly changed the way new tissue is introduced into various areas of the human body. The cosmetic surgery medical community is able to create and engineer synthetic alternatives to natural human tissue. Plus, cosmetic surgeons are now able to take substances and fat from one part of the body and inject the fat into other parts of the body to provide more volume and a better contour to the area where the fat is injected.

Cosmetic Surgery and Micro-Surgery

The rise of micro-surgery has changed both the results seen by cosmetic surgery patients and the overall recovery time enjoyed by patients. During a micro-surgery, the surgeon makes tiny incisions thanks to the use of minuscule devices that provide the same results as more traditional cosmetic surgery methods. Plus, the smaller incisions means the patient also has scars that are much less pronounced and noticeable to others. In general, micro-surgery allows patients to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures without the need to take several weeks off work to recover.

Computer-Assisted Imaging for Cosmetic Surgery

One of the biggest advancements in technology in relation to cosmetic surgery is the use of computers to show the expected final results when planning a cosmetic surgery. Computer-assisted imaging ensures that both the patient and the doctor have a clear idea about the final results so there will be no surprises when the procedure is completed and the results are visible to others. 

Cosmetic Surgery Evolves Thanks to Social Media and Technology

As technology continues to evolve, the results enjoyed by patients will continue to improve and look more even more natural than what is currently available. Cosmetic surgeons are performing constant research and trying to find ways to get better results that are longer-lasting while also staying natural in appearance. In addition, social media continues to play a big part in advancing cosmetic surgery. Patients are going to great lengths to make their appearance on social media match their appearance in real life. They often turn to cosmetic surgery to alter and enhance their appearance so their online appearance matches their appearance in real life.

It is hard to tell what the future holds when it comes to cosmetic surgery, social media and technology. No matter what the future brings, Cosmetic Town will continue to keep our readers updated on the latest trends and technology related to cosmetic surgery technology.


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