Caitlyn Jenner – Is California Plastic Surgery Gossip True or False?

Posted July 07, 2021
Plastic surgery gossip about Caitlyn Jenner

Ever since Caitlyn Jenner come out to the world as transgender in 2015, she has been the subject of much gossip when it comes to her appearance and possible California plastic surgery procedures. The former Olympian, and current reality TV star, is often one of the favorite topics of discussion of fans of reality TV thanks to being a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Let’s take a closer look at the gossip surrounding Caitlyn Jenner and try to discover the secrets behind the rumors about her and California plastic surgery.

Caitlyn Jenner – Smaller Breasts for Public Office?

Within the last year, Caitlyn Jenner announced that she wants to run for Governor of California in the recall election that will take place later this year. Once that announcement was made, rumors started to spread about the new conservative candidate for the leadership of the state of California. The Globe magazine made the claim that Jenner was thinking about undergoing a breast reduction procedure because of her belief that the current size of her breasts made her appear to be “not respectable”.

According to the source of this story, “Caitlyn’s been worried for awhile they are way too big within the context of her body and draw unflattering stares.” The “Jenner Insider” went on to say that Caitlyn wants people to “listen and look at her face, not her boobs.”

While this is an interesting story that adds a twist to her political campaign, there is currently no evidence to support this story so it is not known for certain if she wants to reduce the size of her breasts.

Caitlyn Jenner – Facial Concerns?

Back in 2019, In Touch magazine reported that Caitlyn spent $500,000 on her face during her transition process. The magazine also reported that Jenner was ready to spend another $500,000 in order to be able to maintain her “womanly” features. The unnamed source for this story said that Jenner “worked so hard to escape from Bruce, but he’s creeping back up”.

This story was quickly denied by a spokesperson for Jenner and has not been discussed since it was first reported in 2019.

Caitlyn Jenner – Body Failure?

One of the favorite stories of any gossip magazine is one that speculates about the failing health of a celebrity. In June 2020, the National Enquirer made the claim that Jenner was “freaking out because her brand-new body [was] falling apart”. The story included additional quotes that said her “transition is now a burden” and she is “horrified by her look” thanks to the rumor that her body was suffering from “cancerous” rashes and botched implants. The source claimed “All the surgeries she’s had, all the work and money she put into her gender transition five years ago seems to be failing on her. Her body and joints are stiff from her years as an athlete.” One other comment made about her appearance was that her “arms are covered with white depigmented spots that are the early signs of sun damage. If left to grow, they become skin cancers.”

It should be pointed out that Caitlyn Jenner transitioned at an older age in life. Caitlyn Jenner is in her 70s and undergoing the transition process does not mean the body will instantly take on a younger look. It will still be subject to the aging process and this includes changes in the look and function of the body.

Caitlyn Jenner – Plastic Surgery Binges Backfiring on Her?

The National Enquirer was the source of another story about Jenner in 2019 as the magazine claimed her “plastic surgery binges” had backfired and had even “worn her features to the bone”. The source for this story said Caitlyn was seeing the appearance of scars, stretch marks and sagging everywhere on her face.

Much like other stories about Jenner and her “worries” about her appearance, this story also appears to be a false claim about her looks.

Caitlyn Jenner – Don’t Believe all of the Gossip

Besides all of the false stories listed above, there have been claims made about her state of mind and emotional well-being and it was even reported that Jenner was “living a miserable life”. One source claimed that Caitlyn was “on a downward emotional spiral” that was brought on by her lack of a significant other as well as bring excluded from her family. The claim about Jenner being excluded from her family was quickly shown to be false thanks to Kim Kardashian posting an Instagram story of Jenner blowing out candles while celebrating her birthday.

Caitlyn Jenner is much like the other members of her family in that stories about her life and appearance are used by magazines to sell copies. As shown above, there are many rumors about her life and looks but not many of the stores in these magazines appear to be based in truth or reality. It remains to be seen if, and when, Caitlyn Jenner will make the decision to personally address any of the stories about her possible California plastic surgery procedures.

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