Breast Reduction Secrets Revealed

Posted June 21, 2022
Learn about the secrets of breast reduction

Breast reduction can be performed for a number of reasons that impact the health and self-image of a patient. The procedure, which is also known as reduction mammoplasty, is designed to reduce the size of the breasts by removing excess tissue, fat, and skin from the underside of the breasts. If you are not sure how breast reduction is performed or if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, please read this informative article that reveals the secrets of breast reduction surgery/

Breast Reduction – Why Female Patients Want to Gain Smaller Breasts

Why females want smaller breastsWomen who have naturally large breasts, as well as those who have overly large breast implants, can often experience physical pain because of the strain that is placed on their back, neck, and shoulders from the weight of their breasts. In addition, heavy and large breasts can also result in poor posture, constant headaches, and an inability to take part in certain activities or sports due to their size.

There are also some women who want to reduce the size of their breasts because they feel self-conscious about their appearance. They often feel like people are constantly staring at their breasts because of their size or they are being judged by others who are viewing the large breasts.

Finally, women who had large breast implants placed in the body in the past might not want to have overly large breasts anymore, so they decide to have the breast implants removed.

Breast reduction surgery is able to address both the physical and self-esteem issues faced by patients.

Breast Reduction Surgery – What to Expect During the Surgery and Recovery Process

At the start of a breast reduction consultation appointment, the doctor will perform an examination of the breasts to make sure you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. In addition to the routine examination, you might need to undergo a mammogram to make sure you are healthy enough for the surgery.

The doctor will also take the time to discuss the risks and benefits of breast reduction with you to make sure you are fully informed about what is involved with the surgery.

The surgical team will administer anesthesia so you will remain comfortable and free of pain while they are attending to the breasts. The surgeon will make an incision that starts at the pigmented area around the nipple which is known as the areola. The incision will continue down the body until it reaches the underside of the breast.

The next step is to remove fatty tissue and skin so the breasts will be reduced in size. The doctor is often able to leave the nipple in its natural location but there are times when the nipple will need to be repositioned by the surgeon.

If the patient wants to reduce the size of breasts that were enhanced and augmented by breast implants, they can either be completely removed from the body or they can be removed and then replaced in the body with breast implants of a smaller size.

Once the surgery is completed, the breasts will be wrapped by the doctor using gauze bandages. In addition, the surgeon might need to attach drainage tubes to the breasts in order to rid the body of excess fluids that are still in the body after the procedure.

The doctor will let you know when it is okay to remove the gauze bandages. Also, it can take about a week before you are able to wear a bra once again. When you are able to once again wear a bra, it will be a special soft bra that will help to protect and heal the breasts. You will need to wear this soft bra for several weeks.

You will need to take it easy when you return home which means avoiding activities or movements for several weeks that can strain the muscles. In addition, the breasts will be sore and might even be too painful to touch. Pain medication can help you keep the pain under control. You should also be prepared to experience some numbness and a general tired feeling.

It can take several months for any swelling that occurred after the surgery to resolve on its own.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Are There Risks You Should Know in Advance?

There are some risks you need to be aware of when you decide to have breast reduction surgery. They include:

  • Results that are asymmetrical in appearance
  • Loss of sensation in the breasts or nipples
  • Scarring
  • Issues with breast-feeding a child

Breast Reduction – What You Need to Know about the Results

The results of breast reduction surgery can be quite dramatic, and they can be viewed almost immediately after the procedure. Women who have experienced constant pain due to the size of their breasts will feel relief from the discomfort that resulted from having larger breasts.

There is a chance that you will need to buy new clothes that better fit your body once the breasts are reduced in size.

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