Brazilian Butt Lift - Recovery Tips Revealed

Posted June 22, 2022
BBL tips for recovery

The process of undergoing a Brazilian but lift (BBL) is just the beginning of the recovery period needed to enjoy a bigger butt with increased volume and a greater contour. The recovery process is an important step in ensuring long-lasting results and that means patients must follow the instructions given to them by their surgeon once they have the procedure. Interested in learning what is involved in the recovery process from a Brazilian butt lift? Read on to learn more about the steps needed for a successful recovery after a BBL.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Initial Recovery Steps

The immediate aftermath of BBL surgery will involve the patient wearing a surgical garment to help reduce the amount of swelling that will be experienced soon after the procedure. There will also be some pain that is experienced by the patient, but this can be controlled by pain medication that is prescribed by the doctor.

Brazilian Butt Lift Initial Recovery StepsWithin a week of having the Brazilian butt lift, the patient will need to return to the office of the doctor for a follow-up appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to make sure the healing process is going well and to remove any drains that might have been placed by the surgeon to help get rid of any fluids that still needed to be removed from the body.

There will be a need for additional appointments but the frequency of these visits to the doctor depends on whether or not the patient is experiencing any complications. If not, the additional appointments will take place about once a month until the doctor is certain the body is healing properly. In addition, the surgeon will want to schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the progress of the fat that was placed in the buttocks, take measurements of the butt, and make sure any scars are healing normally.

Patients should contact their surgeon as soon as possible if they experience ongoing pain and discomfort that is not able to be controlled with painkillers, pus that is oozing from the sites where the incisions were made or any lingering fever.

Besides all of the aspects of the recovery process that will be conducted by the doctor, the follow-up appointments are a good opportunity for the patient to ask any questions or address any concerns they might have about the recovery process.

Brazilian Butt Lift – What is the Recovery Timeline for Patients?

It will take abut two or three weeks before a person will have a better idea of what they can expect to see when it comes to the final results of the Brazilian butt lift. Not all of the fat that is transferred to the buttocks will survive the transfer process, but it is expected that anywhere from 60%-80% will survive. The transferred fat that does not remain in the buttocks will be naturally flushed out of the body.

The doctor will not allow any strenuous activities during the first week after the BBL which means no exercise and minimal chores around the house. Patients should plan in advance to have someone help with household activities such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. If everything goes well after the first week of recovery time, the surgeon might approve some light daily activities. However, it can take six to eight weeks before regular exercise can be resumed.

It can take about two weeks (14 days) before a patient is allowed to return to work and that includes taking any physical activities into consideration. Since it takes about eight weeks before a person is able to enjoy sitting normally, any return to work needs to be planned in advance to make sure the sitting position at the office can be modified for the patient.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Possible Risks and Challenges

Some of the most common risks that can occur after a BBL include numbness, bleeding, scarring, asymmetry of the results, accumulation of fluid (seroma), and discoloration of the skin.

There is also the challenge faced by a patient who might be impatient with the recovery process. The person will not be able to sit directly on the butt for (at least) two weeks after the BBL is performed. The patient will need to be patient during this time period and not take the risk of impacting the final results by rushing the recovery process.

Another reason to have someone on hand to help during the initial recovery period is to help change any dressings or bandages and to make sure the proper medication is taken on a regular schedule to help the healing process.

While a patient might feel they are “doing fine” and can skip some of the steps involved in resting and recovering from BBL surgery, it is necessary to not make a rushed decision after a few weeks of recovery. Follow the instructions and tips provided by the surgeon for a successful and safe recovery instead of trying to hurry the process which might lead to possible complications in the future.

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