Botox Bars – Gain a Youthful Look in a Social Setting

Posted July 26, 2022
Botox Bar is a social setting to get botox done

As a person ages, the face can start to show signs of aging including the appearance of lines and wrinkles that give a person an older look. There are still many people who prefer to not share the fact that they use Botox with their friends and family. They have the treatment in secret and do not have any accompany them to the Botox appointment While some patients want to keep their Botox treatments as private as possible, there are others who are not afraid to share their Botox experience with others. In fact, Botox and fillers are leaving some closed-door settings and entering open environments where they are performed in public spaces.

Botox Bars – What are They?

In general, Botox bars, which are also known as injectable bars, can be described as an open-format, social environment and/or a medical aesthetics business. These “bars” contain spaces that are private or semi-private and customers can receive beauty services alone or with a group of friends or family.

The concept of injectable bars has been described as being a way to keep the performance of injectables from being a secret along with not being a taboo treatment or something the public should be ashamed of having performed on their body. One of the goals is to normalize these services by creating a social occasion for patients. Anyone who is interested in having injectables placed in the body can have the treatment on their own or they can enjoy the appointment with their friends and family.

The chance to have a Botox or fillers treatment with someone else is appealing to some patients who might be afraid or too nervous to have the procedure on their own. They can feel supported and not judged by their friends and family while also taking the stigma away from wanting to have a treatment that rejuvenates the skin and gives a person a more youthful look.

Botox Bars – Who are Their Patients?

It has been reported that millennial women, in particular, are seeking medical aesthetic procedures to enhance their appearance and gain a more youthful look. Allergan, AKA the maker of Botox, has been known in the past to actively market the product as a solution that is anti-aging and helps to turn back the clock. There was also a rise in the demand for injectable products late in the last decade (according to a 2018 report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). The report shows that the demand for injectable products increased 3% for brand names such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. In addition, the desire for fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm rose by 2% among the public.

Botox Bars – The Atmosphere Patients Should Expect

Botox bar atmosphereWhile each business has its own individual style and atmosphere that is designed to put the public at ease, customers can expect to be greeted with a warm and open atmosphere when they enter an injectables bar. For example, there might a VIP sitting area, free snacks and beverages, magazines to pass the time or a photo booth that allows customers to showcase their “before and after” look on social media.

The treatment areas are often only separated by curtains that can easily be drawn back as opposed to the large and heavy doors of an “old school” medical office. There might even be displays and designated areas that can be shared on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Besides taking the potential embarrassment or shame out of the treatment experience, the relaxed and welcoming nature of the business can make patients more open to sharing their experience and building word of mouth business as new clients want to enjoy the same experience.

Since there is less judgment of patients and a more welcoming atmosphere for clients, consumers are more open to the idea of getting cosmetic and injectable enhancements during their first visit (and future visits as well). While the friend or family member that accompanies the patient might only be there for moral support and to see how the treatment is performed, the welcoming environment often causes them to be more open and ask questions before booking their own appointment.

Even though Botox bars break down some barriers and concerns that the public has when it comes to having injectables placed in the body, it is still important to ask questions before having the treatment.

The act of asking questions and sharing any concerns in advance of booking or having a treatment can also make a patient feel at ease and more comfortable about having Botox or fillers placed in the face or elsewhere on the body. Even though the final results of injectables are not permanent, the changes made to the appearance can last for several months or even a year (or more). Patients need to make sure they are comfortable with the visible results they will gain before making the final decision to visit a Botox bar.

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