Boob Job Secrets - Don't Do Breast Augmentation before You Read This Article!

Posted May 03, 2022
Secrets about breast augmentation

The entertainment industry has had a long-time fascination with large breasts when it comes to female entertainers. As members of the general public have tried to copy what they see in movies and TV shows, they often turn to breast augmentation surgery to try and gain the same look they view on celebrities. Breast augmentation surgery, which is also known as augmentation mammoplasty or a “boob job,” is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed to change or enhance the shape of the breasts to give them a more aesthetically pleasing look. It is such a popular procedure that the year 2020 saw around 193,000 procedures performed in the United States (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

Want to get more information about breast augmentation? Here is everything you need to know about breast augmentation surgery.

Picking a Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon

The first step in picking a plastic surgeon for breast enhancement surgery is doing proper research to find a doctor that provides results that match your desired results. Besides looking at results of past patients treated by the plastic surgeon, you should also ask questions about their medical experience, surgical specialties and what they would do if potential complications happened during the procedure.

It is also a good idea to ask the doctor how many breast augmentation surgeries he, or she, performs each year. The number will give you a better idea of how often they perform a boob job and how proficient they are at the surgery.

During the consultation appointment, you need to share the type of results you hope to achieve so the doctor can tell you if that is possible and if these results will be natural in appearance. The doctor will keep your body frame in mind when creating a plan to give a natural look to the enhanced size and shape of the breasts. In addition, the doctor will determine your overall health to make sure you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

The doctor will also discuss breast augmentation options including the placing of breast implants and the performance of fat transfer which uses fat from other areas of the body to help the breasts gain additional size and volume.

Breast Implants Explained

The two options that are available for breast implants are saline and silicone implants.

  • Saline breast implants are approved by the FDA for use by patients who are age 18 or older. These implants are filled with sterile saltwater that is encased in a silicone shell. They are considered to be firm and sometimes prone to rippling and they are not an ideal option for patients looking for a more dramatic change in the cup size of the breasts.
  • Silicone breast implants are filled with a silicone gel that allows them to better resemble the appearance of natural breast tissue. They were banned for many years due to safety concerns, but this ban was lifted in 2006 for both cosmetic and reconstructive breast augmentation. However, they are only approved for use in patients who are age 22 or older.

Both types of breast implants are available with a smooth or textured outer covering. The final decision should be made after a consultation appointment with the surgeon.

Breast Augmentation – Day of Information

A breast augmentation procedure can take anywhere from one to two hours to perform. The placement of the breast implants depends on where the surgeon creates the incision (such as under the breast fold, above or below the pectoral chest muscle or around the areola).

The incision will be closed with stitches and the surgeon will also apply surgical tape or a bandage to the treated area.

Breast Augmentation – Recovery Information

There will be some bruising, swelling and soreness for several weeks after the surgery. The doctor will usually make you wear a support garment 24 hours a day for several weeks after the procedure. You will also need to sleep on your back immediately after the implant surgery in order to decrease swelling and avoid causing any damage to the breast implants.

The doctor can prescribe pain medication to help minimize any discomfort. The stitches placed by the surgeon will either dissolve on their own or they will need to be removed by the surgeon around ten days after the surgery.

Most patients are able to return to their normal routine after one or two weeks. However, it is up to the surgeon to decide when more strenuous activities, such as exercise and heavy lifting, can be resumed.

During the recovery period, you will need to watch for common risks such as a ruptured implant or capsular contracture (hardening of the breast due to scar tissue). If either of these conditions occur, please contact your surgeon immediately for additional information and steps to correct the issue. The act of following the recovery steps set by the doctor will help you enjoy a safe and successful recovery period.

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