Best San Diego Cosmetic Ear Surgery Doctors in 2021

Posted June 18, 2021
Top San Diego Cosmetic Ear Doctors

The ears are often considered to be one of the most noticeable features of a person which can be both good and bad depending on the size of the ears. There are many people that are not happy with the size or shape of their ears and this can lead them to feeling uncomfortable when interacting with others. Otoplasty, which is also known as cosmetic ear surgery or ear pinning, is performed to reshape or reduce the size of one, or both (bilateral otoplasty), of the ears of a person. While otoplasty is performed all across the United States, many patients travel to California because of the large number of experienced cosmetic surgeons that provide superior results for people of all ages. San Diego is one of the most popular destinations in California for patients that want to alter the appearance of their ears.

Here is our list of the “Best San Diego Cosmetic Ear Surgery Doctors” for 2021:

Best San Diego Cosmetic Ear Surgery Doctors – How They were Picked

Want more information about how Cosmetic Town complied our list of the best cosmetic ear surgery doctors for this year? The list was compiled using multiple criteria to make the final choices of the doctors on our list in 2021. Our research team used the Cosmetic Town intelligent system to fully examine the following items:

  • The ongoing research efforts of the doctors were examined and this included the type, and amount, of peer sharing conducted by the doctors. A prime example is the writing of medical articles (by the doctors) for inclusion in medical journals.
  • Consumer research was conducted by our staff and the research was focused on the topic of cosmetic surgery. The research efforts of our team included an examination of board-certifications held by the doctors, the number of years of relevant medical training and overall medical experience of the surgeons, reviews from actual patients and proven results provided by the doctors in the past.
  • The educational efforts of the doctors were examined and examples of educational efforts include blogs, interactive seminars, videos and patient Q&As. These efforts needed to include plans to educate patients as well as keep them informed and up to date about the newest techniques in their medical specialty.

San Diego Cosmetic Ear Surgery – How it is Performed

The first step in the otoplasty process is meeting with the cosmetic surgeon so the doctor can examine the ears along with discussing the reasons for the desired changes with the patient.  The surgery can involve the removal of excess skin or cartilage in order to reduce the size of the ears while still providing a natural look to the ears.

Once the surgery begins, the surgeon creates an incision behind the ear in order to expose the cartilage. The doctor will remove the necessary amount of skin and cartilage to provide the desired reshaping of the ear. The surgeon then reshapes the remaining cartilage to give the patient a more aesthetically pleasing look to the ear.

The surgeon can also reposition the ear so it is closer to the head and does not stick out/protrude as much as it did in the past.

In general, otoplasty techniques are classified as being in two main groups:

  • Cartilage sparing is when sutures and stitches are used to give the ears a better shape and position
  • Cartilage scoring is when the cosmetic surgeon creates an incision in the ear cartilage so the existing tissue can be added, rearranged or removed

Otoplasty is often performed on patients that are in the age range of 6-7 years old which is when the ears have developed close to the size of an adult ear. When it comes to adult patients, there is no age range or age limit for patients.

Otoplasty can give children and adults greater confidence in their appearance and improve their self-esteem when it comes to the look of their ears. Patients of all ages should know there will be some swelling and bruising that will be evident after the procedure. The ears will gain a better look within two to three weeks but it can take abut a year for the final results (that will last a lifetime) to appear.

San Diego Cosmetic Ear Surgery – Why it is Popular

Otoplasty candidates often make the decision to travel to San Diego for cosmetic ear surgery/earlobe surgery cosmetic for a number of reasons. There are many experienced and board-certified doctors to choose from in the greater San Diego areas. These doctors are open to consultation appointments where they will discuss the “pros and cons” of otoplasty in great detail with patients so they can make an informed decision about having cosmetic ear surgery.

In addition, patients enjoy having cosmetic surgery in San Diego because of the sights of the city and the easy access to beaches and the California lifestyle. They are often able to bring their families to San Diego to enjoy the California sunshine while the patients undergo San Diego cosmetic ear surgery.

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