Best Los Angeles Cosmetic Doctors for Liposuction

Posted June 01, 2018
Lipo doctors in Los Angeles

Cosmetic Town knows the task of finding Los Angeles cosmetic doctors to safely and effectively remove excess fat from your body is not one that patients should rush into uninformed. Removing unwanted fat from the body, via liposuction, is a cosmetic procedure best performed by Los Angeles cosmetic doctors that you are comfortable with and that you also trust to provide the desired final results. While many patients are able to eliminate the amount of fat they desire through proper diet and exercise, there can still be some stubborn pockets of fat that are hard to eliminate from the body. In cases like this, liposuction is often the best option to achieve the desired results. Cosmetic Town is help to help you find the best Los Angeles cosmetic doctors to give you the natural looking results you desire. The following is our 2018 list of the “Best Los Angeles Cosmetic Doctors for Liposuction” as determined by the Cosmetic Town intelligent system:

  1. Douglas Hendricks, MD
  2. Neal Handel, MD
  3. Sean Younai, MD
  4. Ivan Thomas, MD
  5. William Bruno, MD
  6. Behrooze Kalantarian, MD
  7. Christine Petti, MD
  8. Vincent Marin, MD
  9. Joseph Ku, MD
  10. Jeffrey Hoefflin, MD

Want to know more about the methods used by Cosmetic Town to determine the best Los Angeles cosmetic doctors currently performing cosmetic liposuction?

Here are the criteria used to choose the top doctors in this article: Cosmetic Town makes it easy to find the best doctors in Los Angeles


Los Angeles Cosmetic Doctors Liposuction Techniques


In order for Los Angeles cosmetic doctors to achieve the desired shape and contour following the procedure, there are a number of liposuction techniques to choose from:

  • Traditional Liposuction – With this method of cosmetic liposuction, small incisions are made and then a cannula is inserted into fatty areas between the skin and muscle. The doctor will suction out the fat through the cannula as well as move the cannula back and forth in order to break apart the targeted areas of fat.
  • Ultrasonic Liposuction – A cannula is used that emits ultrasonic sound waves. The sound waves penetrate into the fat deposits and, in turn, this causes the fat cells to liquefy which makes it easier for Los Angeles cosmetic doctors to remove using this liposuction technique.
  • Tumescent Liposuction – The doctor injects a solution made of a local anesthetic, lidocaine and epinephrine into the fat layer. The solution, which is normally three times the amount of fat that is scheduled to be removed, swells the fat cells which make them easier to isolate and remove via this liposuction method.
  • Super-Wet Liposuction – Super-wet liposuction also uses a fluid injection but the amount of fluid that is injected is less than the amount used with a tumescent lipo technique. In general, the amount of fluid used during super-wet lipo is usually equal to the amount of fat being removed.
  • Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) – A liposuction technique that utilizes a special cannula that has a vibrating tip in order to break apart the fat cells.
  • CoolLipo – A minimally invasive cosmetic liposuction technique that is designed to treat sensitive areas such as the neck, arms and jowls. A laser breaks up and removes fat cells in these areas as well as areas that have loose skin such as the abdomen, thighs and arms. In addition, CoolLipo contracts collagen and tightens the skin.
  • SlimLipo – In this non-invasive liposuction technique, a laser used by Los Angeles cosmetic doctors melts the fat cells before they are removed from the patient.
  • SmartLipo – A cosmetic liposuction technique that allows for the removal of up to eight pounds of fat at a time. In addition, the removal of this fat allows for a better contour of the person.
  • Abdominal Etching – This technique is used to enhance the abdominal muscles while also giving the appearance of a “six pack” to the abs. The surgeon marks the areas to be treated, and also outlines the muscles and any fat obscuring the muscles, before liposuction is performed in order to achieve the results desired by the patient.


Patients Choose Los Angeles Cosmetic Doctors for Liposuction



When performed by board-certified and experienced Los Angeles cosmetic doctors, liposuction can produce natural looking results as well as provide the elimination and/or reduction of fat desired by a person. Patients travel from all over the country to undergo cosmetic liposuction in Los Angeles thanks to its reputation as one of the leaders in the United States for superior results achieved with liposuction by Los Angeles cosmetic doctors. In addition, patients that travel for Los Angeles liposuction results enjoy the city because of its proximity to Hollywood and the TV and movie celebrities that live in the area. The desire to emulate the appearance of their favorite celebrities leads many people to travel to Los Angeles. They travel to California to enjoy the life changing results that can be created by Los Angeles cosmetic doctors performing the various cosmetic liposuction techniques available to the public.



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