Best Celebrity Dental Work Revealed

Posted July 25, 2019
The best celebrity cosmetic dental work in Hollywood

A celebrity beauty transformation is often viewed as having work done on the face of a person or even getting a better contour to the body. Procedures such as liposuction are often performed to help all types of patients, including celebrities, to have a better defined and more contoured figure. One aspect of celebrity transformations that is often not addressed is celebrity dental work. Celebrities are in front of the public on a regular basis and need to flash a bright smile to the cameras on red carpets, talk shows, charity events and others activities where they will be viewed by their fans, In order to get the smile their fans like to see on a regular basis, many celebrities turn to cosmetic dentistry to get a refreshed and youthful looking smile. Cosmetic Town TV recently took a look at the best celebrity dental work of the past few years to show its viewers how cosmetic dentistry can provide a youthful smile.

Best Celebrity Dental Work

When taking a look at celebrity dental work, here are some of the best examples currently on display in Hollywood:

  • See Jordyn Woods TeethJordyn Woods – Jordyn Woods is known for many things in Hollywood. She is a model, a designer and a reality TV star thanks to her appearances on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. That particular reality show introduced her to the world and also brought a large backlash against her when she was caught up in a cheating scandal with pro basketball player, Tristan Thompson. Thompson had been in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian but it was later revealed that Thompson had cheated on Khloe with Jordyn Woods AKA the best friend of Khloe’s sister, Kylie Jenner. Woods was suddenly in a bigger spotlight than ever before thanks to the drama with the Kardashians. Her dazzling smile was not always on display because of a gap in her teeth as well as some discoloration of the teeth. She had a smile makeover that refreshed and rejuvenated the look of her mouth. A smile makeover is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can actually be quite extensive depending on the needs of the individual patient. A smile makeover can include a number of treatments including fixing chipped, cracked or discolored teeth, gum contouring, addressing spaces between the teeth and teeth whitening. In the case of Jordyn Woods, she had the gap in her teeth fixed and she also had some dental veneers placed on her teeth. Veneers are custom made materials that are the same color as the teeth and they are usually made of porcelain. They are placed over the front of the teeth and they change the coloring of the teeth as well as their size and shape.
  • Cardi B – This rapper has taken the music world, as well as the entertainment industry, by storm in See Cardi B's teeththe last few years. From her past as a member of a gang to her work as a stripper to her current chart success, Cardi B is the rare celebrity that is well-known by fans of her music along with general celebrity watchers. Cardi had over $40,000 worth of work done on her teeth. Her cosmetic dentistry procedures include porcelain veneers like the ones described above for Jordyn Woods to give her a brighter smile. She also had See Huda Kattan's Teethbraces to straighten her teeth and give her new smile a better appearance.
  • Huda Kattan – Huda Kattan gained fame on Instagram as a beauty influencer. She is a beauty blogger, a makeup artist and the founder of the cosmetics line known as Huda Beauty. Kattan followed the trend of the other celebrities mentioned above by having dental veneers placed to refresh her smile and make the appearance of her teeth and gums red carpet ready and social media ready for all of her See Zac Efron's teethInstagram followers.
  • Zac Efron – Even though all of the celebrities listed above are females, they are not the only celebrities that turn to cosmetic dentistry to make a change in the appearance of their teeth. Zac gained fame in the Disney series of “High School Musical” movies. Zac is on the best celebrity dental work list because of the veneers that fixed the gap in his teeth as well as having Invisalign braces to straighten the overall look of his teeth.
  • See Chantel Jeffries TeethChantel Jeffries – Chantel is a model that gained fame on Instagram and she used her social media stardom to become a famous DJ. Chantel’s smile was enhanced and rejuvenated thanks to veneers that made her teeth whiter. The symmetry of her teeth makes celebrity watchers almost certain that she had multiple dental veneers placed on her teeth.
  • Miley Cyrus – Miley has never been a person that has been afraid to share the intimate details See Miley Cyrus's Teethof her life with the public. When it comes to Miley and her dental work, she shared an X-ray of her teeth to show the various cosmetic dental procedures she had performed over the years. The list of dental procedures undergone by Miley include the popular cosmetic dentistry procedure, dental veneers, and a number of dental procedures to improve the functionality of her teeth including having work done on a impacted molar, a root canal and possible work done on cavities in her teeth.

Celebrity Dental Work Benefits the Cosmetic Dentist

As long as celebrities continue to walk the red carpet and smile for the camera, there will be a demand for celebrity dental work. The look of a celebrity is one of the most important aspects of their appearance to the public so the celebrity wants to have a perfect smile that is camera ready at all times. There are cosmetic dentists ready to perform celebrity cosmetic dentistry work because celebrities that gain a beautiful smile like to show it off to the world and they also like to share with the public how they achieved their perfect smile. A celebrity walking the red carpet can serve as a walking billboard for cosmetic dentists who can benefit from the exposure they receive on the social media pages of the celebrities they provide a rejuvenated, red carpet ready smile.



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