Best Beverly Hills Butt Augmentation Surgeons in 2021

Posted April 30, 2021
Best Butt Augmentation Doctors in Beverly Hills in 2021

The public fascination with the appearance of the butt has gained steam in recent years as more celebrities have appeared on the red carpet, as well as TV shows and concert stages, with visible butt augmentation results. Since many of these celebrities are known for their wealth as well as their backsides, patients that want to get the same size booty often travel to Beverly Hills to visit the same surgeons that treat the stars. If you want to gain a booty that looks like your favorite California celebrity, Cosmetic Town is here to help you with our list of the “Best Beverly Hill Butt Augmentation Surgeons” for 2021.

Take a look below to see who made our list this year:

Best Beverly Hills Butt Augmentation Surgeons – How they were Picked by Cosmetic Town

Our research team followed strict criteria when they started the process of researching the doctors for this list. The steps they followed to learn more about the qualifications of each of the doctors are described in greater detail below. If you want even more information after reading the research info below, you can learn more about how we used the Cosmetic Town intelligent system to choose the doctors for our 2021 “best of” lists.

Here is more about the research criteria used by our team:

  • Consumer research focused on the cosmetic surgery field was conducted by using an intelligent algorithm. The research team took an in-depth look at the board certification(s) of the doctors, reviews of the doctors from their actual patients, the relevant medical training on the part of the doctors, proven results from their past patients and the number of years the doctors have been practicing in their medical field. In addition to all of these elements of their medical background, our team also reviewed the total number of cosmetic surgeons currently performing Los Angeles butt augmentation procedures.
  • Our research team examined the amount of research efforts conducted by the doctors along with peer sharing efforts such as medical articles written for publication in medical journals. These articles should have been created in order to be shared with other medical professionals in the United States as well as the rest of the world.
  • Once the doctors that were eligible for the list were identified by our research team, the Cosmetic Town research staff took their research a step further by examining both patient interaction and the educational efforts of the eligible medical professionals. Some of the education efforts that the doctors needed to perform on a regular basis included both videos and blogs for informational and educational use on their websites as well as any live Q&A’s or seminars conducted by the doctors. The total number of these in-person and online efforts directed at patients revealed the steps the doctors are willing to take to keep patients educated and up-to-date about the long-lasting, natural results that can be achieved by cosmetic surgery.

Butt Augmentation – How it is Performed

Buttock augmentation is a cosmetic procedure desired by patients that want to gain a larger and more contoured look to their butt. Butt augmentation, which is also known as gluteal augmentation surgery, is able to provide a greater amount of volume and fullness to the butt to give it a rounder look while still maintaining (or improving) the balance of the area where the augmentation is performed.

The increase in the size and shape of the butt can be achieved using a number of techniques:

  • Butt implants can be placed into the buttocks in order to give them a greater shape and size.
  • A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is when fat is removed from one area of the body so it can be processed and purified in order to be injected into the booty of the person.
  • A butt lift can help patients gain a firmer look to sagging skin along with a better contour and more youthful look to the area.

Beverly Hills Buttock Augmentation – Why it is Popular

Patients travel to Beverly Hills because it has a long-time image of style and glamour along with a reputation of being a popular location for celebrity plastic surgery. You might be one of the many people all over the world that imagines going to Beverly Hills and getting the plastic surgery of your dreams.

Thanks to its proximity to the cities of Los Angeles and Hollywood, the desire to get “California cosmetic surgery” in Beverly Hills is shared by many potential patients. If you want to gain a bigger booty with a better contour in Beverly Hills, your starting point just might be the doctors that made our “Best Beverly Hills Butt Augmentation Surgeons” list for 2021.  

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