BBL Boom – Reason for Increased Demand

Posted March 27, 2023
Increased demand of BBL

Anyone who spends some amount of time on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram will see stories from those who have made changes to the size and shape of their butt through a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). The number of butt augmentation surgeries increased between 2015 and 2019 by 90.3% (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). While the demand for this procedure has grown, so has the way in which plastic surgeons have been meeting the growing number of requests for this butt augmentation surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Reason for the Demand from Patients

Reason Demand for Brazilian Butt LiftWhile the following reason is not the only one for an increased demand for Brazilian butt lift surgery, some doctors consider travel and geography to be a contributing factor in the popularity of the procedure.

In the current post-COVID lockdown period, people are enjoying the ability to travel to warm destinations where they can wear a swimsuit and show off their body. They want to feel good and look amazing in their vacation outfits which means they are seeking out procedures such as a BBL to gain the look they desire.

When it comes to beach vacations and the demand for a BBL, Miami stands out to the public and it can even be considered to be “ground zero” when it comes to Brazilian butt lift surgery., There is a large Latin America influence in Miami and the popularity of the procedure might be increased by the name of the surgery (as Brazil is in Latin America).

Brazilian Butt Lift – Changes in the Requested Results

Patients need to remember that each body is different which means there are no generic results or any kind of “cookie cutter” approach to the surgery. Each patient has a unique body and an overly enhanced or filled look might not be the best choice for their body type.

Even as the desired aesthetic evolves from an overly contoured look to a fuller and natural look, the demand for a BBL remains high among the public. Instead of gaining an exaggerated look to the hips with a good amount of projection, many patients are now asking to fill in the “hip dip” that occurs due to high hip bones and a wider pelvis that sits higher up on the body. They also want to enjoy an improved amount of projection but not the to point that it looks exaggerated. Instead, they often ask for a look after a BBL that is more athletic and sporty in appearance.

There is also a type of Brazilian butt lift that is referred to as a “skinny BBL” which is performed on patients who are considered to be petite thanks to having a Body Mass Index that is under 25. These patients also want a fuller look to the butt and a shape like an hourglass.

Brazilian Butt Lift Demand – Has it Impacted Surgeons?

There are different aspects of the increasing demand for a BBL that have had an impact on surgeons who perform the procedure on a regular basis.

In order to make sure patients are taking care of the treated area after the surgery, a good number of surgeons give their patients a “to go kit” that is designed to give them the tools they need for a successful recovery without the need to pay the doctor an unscheduled or emergency post-op visit. The surgeon has a responsibility to the patient to help the person look their best after the procedure. In other words, they often provide the patient with items they will need such as a pillow and compression garments that are necessary tools of the recovery period. In addition, the surgeon can make sure they give the patient the exact items they want used during the recovery period instead of the patient possibly using an inferior choice that can harm the results.

Brazilian butt lift surgeons also need to take the time to make sure they are not stretching themselves, or their team, too thin by trying to treat as many patients as possible in a short period of time. It can take two to four hours to perform a BBL and both the doctor and the staff need time to rest after the mental and physical challenges of performing the surgery. Patients should think twice if their surgeon of choice boasts about performing more than two BBL surgeries per day. They should also ask to see “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the surgeon in the past in order to get a better understanding of the type of results provided by the doctor. Patients also need to take the time to ask any questions and voice any concerns they have about having a Brazilian butt lift. Once all of the questions and concerns are addressed, a patient can make an educated final decision about having a BBL.

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