Australian Cosmetic Trend - Fat Transfer over Breast Implants

Posted December 10, 2019
The Australian trend of fat transfer for breast augmentation

Cosmetic surgery is not a strictly American method of rejuvenating the appearance of the body and making desired changes to the look of a person. For example, a growing number of women that live in Australia are using their own body fat to augment their appearance during breast surgery. The desire to use their own body fat has increased in popularity after a widespread ban on select breast implants in Australia. In September of this year, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) issued a six month ban on eight types of breast implants after a possible link was found between them and a rare blood cancer.

The Impact the Ban had on Australian Breast Surgery

In an interview with the website, 9news, Dr. Vivek Eranki, told the website that the ban, as well as the negative commentary that is surrounding the implants, is having an impact on the breast surgery options picked by female patients. 

Dr. Eranki said that, before the breast implants ban, one in twenty of his patients would choose to have fat grafting performed during their breast augmentation, He feels this number will start to rise thanks to the breast implants ban.

There are some that support the ban on selected breast implants because they feel the ban of six months will allow the TGA to make more “definitive” decision based on data gathered by researchers as well as real-life experiences of patients. These experts feel that the ban allows them the necessary time to gather informed data that can help future patients.

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Speaks Out

Australian Society of Plastic SurgeonsThe Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) president associate professor, Dr. Gazi Hussain, states that, as recently as 20 years ago, surgeons were being advised not to perform fat transfers for breast surgery. The surgeons were advised not to do this procedure because of a perceived increase in the risks of cancer as well as an increase in the chances of scar tissue following the procedure.

The ASPS has shown data that found macro-textured or highly textured breast implants have a one in 10,000 risk of breast cancer. In a closer look at the data, micro-textured implants showed a one in 50,000 risk of cancer.

Fat Transfer Grows in Popularity in Australia

In the past, fat transfer to the breast was more often performed in Europe but it has been growing in popularity in Australia. In general, the cost of breast augmentation via fat grafting in Australia is anywhere from $5000-$20,000.

While doctors in Australia are generally in favor of breast augmentation via fat transfer, it is important for patients to understand that breast implant surgery and fat transfer for breast augmentation are not interchangeable procedures. Basically, fat transfer is not a “direct alternative” procedure for breast implant surgery.

Breast implant surgery can provide a dramatic increase in the size of the breasts of patients while fat grafting will likely only provide an increase that is the size of one cup.

Reasons Female Patients want to have Fat Transfer Treatments

Female patients enjoy undergoing fat transfer because of the quicker recovery time they will enjoy following the treatment. In addition, patients experience less pain and less side effects since the fat that is used is taken from the body of the actual patient. Plus, the results have a natural appearance once the fat is transferred.

How Fat Grafting is Performed

Breast fat graftingWhen patients have fat grafting for breast augmentation performed, the breast fat transfer treatment actually consists of two separate procedures that are performed on the same day.

  1. The first procedure that is performed is the removal of fat after local anesthesia is given to the patient. The fat that is removed is taken from areas of the body where fat is not particularly wanted such as the belly, thighs or the abdomen.  The fat is removed via liposuction and then it is processed and purified to get rid of unwanted elements such as water and blood.
  2. After the purification process is completed, the doctor will place the fat in the breasts by injecting it using a very fine needle. The fat is placed in the areas of the breasts where the enhancement is desired by the patient.

Breast Enhancement via Fat Grafting is a Popular Choice for Patients

Breast enhancement via fat grafting is a good option for patients that have an appropriate amount of fat to harvest from their body. In addition, patients that had their breast implants removed are also good candidates since their breasts have already been expanded by the breast implants. Since their breasts are already expanded, this area of the body should accept the transferred fat without any issues.

Any patients that are interested in having breast augmentation performed via fat transfer should first schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor. The doctor can examine the patient to make sure the person has enough fat to harvest for the procedure. In addition, the doctor can explain how the treatment is performed so the patient can understand what can be expected in terms of results following the treatment.



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