A $200,000 Facelift - See Who Will Pay That Amount

Posted October 06, 2022

Even though plastic surgery is easily accessible for people of all ages and income levels, there is still a lingering image of plastic surgery as being something that only the rich can afford. When it comes to having a procedure, there are some doctors who offer payment plans as well as times when health insurance will cover part of the cost if the procedure is determined to be medically necessary. Having said that, there are some procedures that the majority of the public will not have because they do not want to pay the price being charged by the doctor. On the other hand, there is almost always “that one patient” who will pay any price to get the results they desire such as a woman from Texas who paid over $200,000 for a facelift.

Texas Woman Pays Big Bucks for a Facelift

Hilda Back is a 63-year-old woman from Woodlands, Texas, and she made the journey to New York to have a facelift from the same doctor who is best known for performing a facelift on Marc Jacobs. In total, the $230,000 facelift also included a brow lift, lip lift, earlobe reconstruction, neck lift, rhinoplasty, and the rejuvenation of the upper and lower eyelids. Back did admit that the price was a bit higher than what she expected but she is still happy with the results. 

In an interview, Back told a reporter, “I have a Rolls-Royce, I have three homes, I have everything I could possibly want, but I was still depressed. The way I look at this is: This is my face, and it’s going everywhere I go.”

Plastic Surgery – Rising Prices Explained

While $200,000 might seem like a rather high price for a facelift, it should be noted that the price of plastic surgery has increased in recent years (much like other items), some people feel that the more expensive an item is to buy, the more valuable it is due to the higher price. Ultimately, the decision to pay a higher price is up to the consumer as medical professionals will let them know the cost before patients make the final decision to have a procedure.

One of the reasons the price of plastic surgery has increased in recent years is the rising cost of medical supplies, a growth in the salaries of medical staff, and the higher demand for cosmetic procedures due to the “Zoom Boom” that started during the lockdown phase of the pandemic. The Aesthetic Society, an association of board-certified plastic surgeons, says the average cost to have a facelift has increased 3% since 2020 for an average price of $9127 in 2021.

In addition, there are doctors who promote their ability to use advanced surgical techniques in combination with their experience and aesthetic sensibility as a reason to increase their rates. There are also some plastic surgeons who compare having a facelift to purchasing artwork or asking an artist to create a painting.

If a person decides to have a facelift at any price, what is included in the treatment?

The answer to this question does not have a set answer as the price for a facelift depends on several factors including the area of the country where it is performed, any additional fees charged by the doctor or the medical facility, the type of facelift technique that is performed, the number of areas on the face being treated, and the extent of the work that the surgeon needs to perform.

In addition, there might be some fees charged by the surgeon and the medical facility for post-op care and appointments. The New York Time recently gave an example of a doctor in Beverly Hills, Dr. Chia Chi Kao, who performs an endoscopic “ponytail facelift” which means the necessary incisions are created behind the hairline, so any scars are not easily visible. This plastic surgeon also runs an outpatient surgery and aftercare center that features suites where his patients recover from surgery with the assistance of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. One of his patients compared the surgery and aftercare center to a luxury hotel. This patient spent five days and four nights in the center for a facelift procedure and recovery period and the total price was $212,000.

As mentioned above, it is up to the individual patient to decide if the price being charged by the surgeon is within their budget and also worth the price. A facelift is able to turn back the clock and give a person a more youthful look that is also refreshed and rejuvenated in appearance. The patient should ask the surgeon the extent of the results that can be achieved along with asking to view “before and after” photos of actual patient treated in the past by the doctor. It is important to remember that a higher cost for the procedure does not always guarantee a successful outcome or the desired results, so patients need to perform proper and thorough research before deciding on the specific doctor to perform the facelift.

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