7 Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Posted June 29, 2020
Discover 7 lasting benefits of cosmetic surgery for patients

One of the main goals of cosmetic surgery is to enhance the physical appearance of certain areas of a patient using such procedures as breast augmentation surgery or the increased facial rejuvenation provided by a facelift. Cosmetic surgery can also provide functional improvements to a patient and an example of this is rhinoplasty which can increase the ability of a person to breathe while also providing a smaller or more refined appearance to the nose. Patients that are considering having a cosmetic surgery procedure often want to know how it will benefit them beyond any enhancements to their appearance. In order to give them the information they want to know, let’s take a look at these 7 benefits of cosmetic surgery,

7 Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

  1. Improved Self-Esteem – Thanks to the improvements in the size, shape, contour or overall appearance of a person that had a cosmetic surgery treatment, one of the benefits is an overall improvement in the self-esteem of a patient. Patients that have been bothered by the look of certain body parts find they gain a better self-image after they experience the changes made in the appearance of those particular areas of the body. An experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon will consider both the physical and emotional condition of the patient when making the final decision about the best technique available to perform the desired cosmetic surgery.
  2. Improved Breathing – As mentioned above, patients that have breathing issues can often find relief thanks to rhinoplasty. Breathing issues are often caused by a deviated septum which can also result in excessive snoring by the person. The ability to breathe more easily on a regular basis also means the person won’t be gasping for air during daily activities and can also exercise easier no matter the activity of choice. If the rhinoplasty surgery is being performed for functional reasons in order to improve the ability of a person to breathe each day, some of the cost might be covered by insurance.
  3. Healthier Lifestyle – Patients that make the decision to have cosmetic surgery often begin to follow a healthy diet and also enjoy a healthier lifestyle because they want to maintain the final results. The price of a cosmetic surgery procedure varies by the extent and type of treatment. The patients that make the decision to have a procedure often want to make sure they get the best possible return on their investment of time and money.
  4. Pain Relief – Female patients with overly large breasts often experience pain in the back, neck and shoulders because of the size and weight of the breasts. They also experience an almost immediate feeling of pain relief once a breast reduction is performed that provides the patient with smaller breasts that are best suited for their body type. In addition, some insurance companies will cover a portion of the surgery if it is determined to be medically necessary due to the long-term effects of the large breasts on the health and lifestyle of the person.
  5. Reduced Chance of Heart Conditions – The removal of fat from the body, through liposuction, can result in an improvement in the blood pressure of a person as well as lower cholesterol. Both of these are important factors in heart conditions in patients. The act of removing fat from the body will have a positive impact on the amount of cholesterol a person has and will also help to lower the blood pressure which means the patient will be healthier with less of a chance of any sort of heart condition that can impact the overall health of a person.
  6. Better Vision – Blepharoplasty, AKA eyelid surgery, is performed to correct eyelids that are droopy as well as remove excess fat and skin in the eyelid area and also remove any bags under the eyes. Plus, blepharoplasty can fix problems patients have with dry eyes on a long-term basis. Blepharoplasty can improve both the physical appearance of the eyelids and the vision of a person. Insurance might cover some of the cost of eyelid surgery if the procedure is deemed to be medically necessary to improve the vision of the patient.
  7. Improved Self-Confidence – While the increased self-esteem of a person (as discussed above) might seem like the same thing as self-confidence, there is a bit of a difference between the two of them. Improved self-esteem is when a person has a better feeling about his or her appearance while improved self-confidence is when a person has an improvement in their sense of self in certain areas. Patients that had a nose they felt was too large in its appearance will often feel more self-confident having to speak to other people one-on-one or in a group after rhinoplasty. Females that could not take part in certain exercise activities because of the size of their breasts will feel more confident about going to the gym or joining a sport team thanks to the self-confidence gained by the reduction of the breasts.

7 Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery Start with a Consultation Appointment

Patients that want to enjoy any of the above benefits of cosmetic surgery should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. The doctor can examine the patient and make sure the desire to have cosmetic surgery is on the part of the patient and not because the patient wants to have the procedure to please another person. In addition, the cosmetic surgeon will examine the patient to determine the best cosmetic surgery procedure that can be performed in order to achieve the desired final results.



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