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45-Minute Eyelift

Posted January 31, 2017
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Mehryar Taban, MD

Beverly Hills, CA

45-Minute Eyelift

One of the problems with plastic surgery is how time-consuming it is. When undergoing a surgical procedure, patients have to set aside hours for the procedure and days, weeks, or even months for recovery. Fortunately for busy patients who still want to look their best, surgeons have developed a host of options to shorten the entire process. One such option is the 45-Minute Eye Lift which takes—you guessed it—just 45 minutes. But what makes this 45-Minute Eye Lift the right choice for patients?



The 45-Minute Eye Lift has similar goals to a standard eyelift procedure. Patients come in complaining of heavy eyelids and drooping brows, and, to solve these problems, the surgeon lifts the eyelid and cleans up the upper eyelid so that the overall look is more opened and youthful. Just like the moniker claims, these two procedures together take a grand total of 45 minutes.

As one might expect from such a short procedure, the entire process is very minimally invasive. It can be done under local anesthesia with either oral sedation or IV sedation, and the patient is usually awake during the surgery. (This is so the doctor can have the patient open and close their eyes during the procedure, in order to get the most optimal results.)



There are, of course, some risks associated with the 45-Minute Eye Lift, just as there are with any procedure (including routine trips to the dentist): bleeding, infection, anesthetic problems, and so on. These risks, however, are extremely uncommon. The major risk specific to eyelid surgery is asymmetry. Usually, this is related to previous existing asymmetry, which can be improved after surgery. Additionally, there are other minor aesthetic risks—the eyes appearing too open, or the patient not being able to comfortably close his or her eyes. Though patients often worry about scarring, they don’t have to be concerned in this case—the surgery is, again, minimally invasive, and incisions are hidden in the eyelid crease or behind the eyelid, so they aren’t visible.



The recovery time for the procedure is fairly manageable—typically, the patient will experience some bruising around the eyes for seven to 10 days. During that time, there won’t be much pain, but the patient should count on some swelling. The patient will be able to see, read, watch TV, walk outside, and eat anything they want—the only real limitation is the patient isn’t allowed to do any heavy lifting or exercise for the length of the recovery.



The price for this procedure generally ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 for both eyes together, depending on the amount of work needed.



The 45-Minute Eye Lift is a great option for any patient seeking a more youthful, open appearance—particularly if that patient doesn’t have an entire day to set aside for surgery.—the official website of The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery—is a great place for patients to find board-certified oculoplastic surgeons able to perform this procedure, so that they, too, can enjoy a fresh, new look.


Written by Cosmetic Town Editorial Team based on an exclusive interview provided by Dr. Ray Taban of Taban MD Oculoplastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA.

Article Last Updated on January 31, 2017