Meet the Best Doctors for Cosmetic Eye Surgery in Chicago in 2019

Posted October 18, 2019
The Best 2019 Cosmetic Eye Surgery Doctors in Chicago

As a person gets older, the eyes can be a sign of their advancing age because of wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and the appearance of fine lines. The appearance of any of these under the eyes can cause a person to begin to look older than their real age. The desire to alter and enhance the appearance of the area around the eyes, such as the upper and lower eyelids, can be achieved by undergoing cosmetic eye surgery in cities such as Chicago and other areas across the country. Cosmetic eye surgery is performed to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes. Due to the fact that the eyes are one of the first parts of the body that others notice when they first look at a person, many patients want to achieve a rejuvenated and more youthful look by undergoing cosmetic eye surgery.

Chicago has some of the best cosmetic eye surgery doctors in the United States and this is one of the reasons it is such a popular destination for patients that want to undergo cosmetic eye surgery. To help patients that are looking for the best doctors to provide them with the desired changes to the appearance of the eyes, our research team used the Cosmetic Town intelligent system to compile our list of the “Best Doctors for Cosmetic Eye Surgery in Chicago in 2019”:

Chicago Cosmetic Eye Surgery Examined

Cosmetic surgery performed on the area around the eyes is designed to give the eyes a look that is more youthful and refreshed. There are a variety of cosmetic eyelid surgery methods that will remove excess fat and skin so patients will have a rejuvenated and refreshed look to their eyes. These cosmetic eye surgery options include:

  • Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic eyelid surgery that is performed to remove excess skin and fat from the eyelids of a patient. Upper blepharoplasty is a blepharoplasty technique that targets extra skin and fat that is located in the central area of the upper eyelid. Lower blepharoplasty is a blepharoplasty technique that is performed to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin as well as treat the muscle located beneath the eye. Both of these blepharoplasty techniques work to tighten any skin that is located around the eyes. Once the skin is tightened, the patient enjoys a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance thanks to a reduction in the appearance of tired looking eyes along with a better appearance to eyes that are normally puffy or saggy in appearance.
  • Canthoplasty is performed on the lateral canthus, AKA the outer corner of the eyes, which is also where the upper and lower eyelids join together. The surgeon cuts and sews the lateral canthus in order to treat a drooping eyelid that happens because of a weak or aging muscle or because of an eyeball that is bulging.
  • Eyelid reconstruction and eyelid revision are ideal cosmetic eye surgery procedures for patients that have defects around the eyes. Eyelid reconstruction is also an ideal way to treat defects that can be viewed in the upper face or mid-face because of a loss of tissue or a tumor excision. Patients that have an eyelid that pulls up or down are also good candidates for eyelid reconstruction and revision.
  • Double eyelid surgery is a cosmetic eye surgery that is normally performed on patients of Asian descent to give them the appearance of eyes that are more alert and larger.
  • Eyelid fat grafting works to improve the appearance of eyelids that have a hollow look that can occur after a previous blepharoplasty surgery that removed a good amount of the protective fat layer located around the eyes. The eyelids can also start to have a hollow look as a person continues to age. During eyelid fat grafting, the cosmetic surgeon removes fat from one area of the body of the patient in order for it to be injected into the eyelid area. Before the fat is injected into the targeted area of the body, the fat is cleansed and purified. Eyelid fat grafting gives a rejuvenated and refreshed look to the treated area. 

Chicago Cosmetic Eye Surgery Consultation

Patients that want to undergo cosmetic eye surgery need to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor experienced in performing any of the procedures listed above. The doctor will need to examine the patient to determine if the person is an ideal candidate for any of the cosmetic eye surgery techniques listed in this article. In addition, the doctor will have to set realistic expectations for the patient before having cosmetic eye surgery. Realistic expectations are important because the changes that are expected by a patient might not be the type of results that can be achieved because of the actual condition of the area targeted to be treated. Once the cosmetic surgeon and the patient are in agreement about the cosmetic eye surgery technique and the results that can be achieved, cosmetic eye surgery can be performed by the surgeon.



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