Pectoral Implants - Do They Impact Muscle Growth

Posted December 12, 2019
Learn if pectoral implants can impact the growth of muscles

One of the most common methods people used to determine the “manly appearance” of a male is the appearance of their chest. A well-defined chest is viewed as a sign of manhood and many men spend hours in the gym working on developing a large, muscular chest. On the other hand, there are some men that try to enhance the appearance of their chest through the placement of pectoral implants. While pectoral implants can provide larger, and more defined, chest muscles than the ones that appear on the body after going to the gym on a regular basis, some male patients are afraid that having pectoral implants placed will impact their ability to enjoy muscle growth. Let’s take a look at pectoral implants and see if they can affect the growth of muscles.

Pectoral Implants Explained

Pectoral implants are an ideal option for men that spend hours exercising at the gym while still not being able to achieve their overall desired chest definition and muscle tone. A toned and sculpted look can be hard to attain thanks to medical conditions as well as genetics. Patients that decide to have pectoral implants have implants made of solid silicone implanted under the pectoral muscle to provide a person with a chest that is toned, thicker and fuller in appearance.

Pectoral Implants Candidates

Candidates for pectoral implantsIt is an ideal choice for men that have an underdeveloped chest, problems enlarging their chest due to a lack of a muscle type that allows the chest to enlarge during exercise and those with asymmetrical development of the chest muscles. The final result is an increase in the size, bulk and overall projection of the pectorals for a more developed looking physique.

In addition, the procedure is often performed on men with chest deformities such as Poland syndrome as well as current and former bodybuilders. Patients that have bigger arms and legs might not have small pectoral muscles but their chest doesn’t look as developed as their arms and legs and it might not proportional to the rest of the body.

In addition, some bodybuilders can develop gynecomastia which is the enlargement or swelling of breast tissues in male patients. This can lead to the development of “man boobs” and can cause issues with the self-image of a person. In addition, the surgery to correct “man boobs” can leave the chest of the patient with a droopy look so male patients often desire pectoral implants to gain a defined chest.

Pectoral Implant Surgery

Surgery to have pectoral implants placed is usually performed as an outpatient surgery and the patent is given general anesthesia. An incision is created by the surgeon and it is about 2-inches in length in the armpit. A pocket is them created by the doctor so the implant can be placed under the pectoralis major muscle. The implant is normally placed and fitted completely around the existing muscle of the patient.

Once the procedure is completed, patients are advised not to lift their arms for two after the surgery.

Pectoral Implants and Muscle Growth

Pectoral Implant Impact on Muscle GrowthOne of the major concerns for male patients that get pectoral implants is whether or not the implants will impact the growth of muscles. Medical experts say that, in most cases, men can continue to see an increase in their pectoralis muscles even after they have pectoral implants placed in the targeted area. Since the implants are placed under the muscle, the pectoralis muscle is not divided, damaged or cut so the muscle is able to continue its growth thanks to regular workouts and exercise.

In general, patients are able to do light workouts about 4-6 weeks after their surgery. It is important that any workout plan that begins after the surgery not include any type of impact so the recovery process will continue as planned. In addition, patients should not rush into a workout as they need to give their body time to heal. The body will naturally surround the pectoral implants with layers of collagen so patients need to rest the chest area of the body so the area with the implants can heal properly and the implant can settle into the desired position.

Pectoral Implants Consultation

Pectoral implants augment the appearance of the chest and provide greater bulk and projection to the pectoral muscles. Patients that are interested in having pectoral implants placed should schedule a consultation appointment with a surgeon that is experienced in successfully providing the desired results when it comes to pectoral implants. The doctor will examine the patient and determine if the person is healthy enough for the surgery as well as an ideal candidate for the procedure. In addition, the surgeon will be able to discuss the amount of augmentation desired by the patient and let the person know if the results will still be natural in appearance. Finally, the doctor will also discuss the desired reasons for the surgery in order to determine if the desired changes to the body are the wishes of the patient or if they want to have the surgery to make someone else happy with their appearance.



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