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  • MD , Loyola University Chicago , Chicago , IL , 2004

Member of

  • American Medical Association
  • American College of Surgeons


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I’ve wanted labiaplasty for quite some time and finally decided to schedule a consultation appointment. I was very nervous because I was a little ashamed that part of the reason I wanted the surgery for was simply to improve my self-image as a woman. But I decided that I need to be upfront about my reasons and I shared them with the doctor. Dr. Grewal made me very comfortable as he explained everything he planned on doing. The first step was showing me the steps of the procedure with a mirror. He showed me before and after pictures of actual patients as well. I had my surgery 5 weeks ago and I am so happy! The surgery was painless and went very smoothly. The recovery wasn't bad either. He called me the day after to see how I was doing and saw me 1 week post-op just to make sure things were looking good and the healing process was occurring naturally. I am so happy I went with Dr. Navanjun Grewal and I am also happy with the results!

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